Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TRAGIC DESIRES by A. M. Hargrove

(Tragic #2)
by A. M. Hargrove
ARC review
Published: February 18, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Raised rather sheltered by a single mom, Gemini Sheridan finds her freedom in mountain biking after her mother passes away. When after a biking accident she is left with daily migraines that cannot be controlled, her boyfriend leaves and she slowly slips into an alcohol and medication fuelled haze. Anything to numb the pain of her migraines and losing her dreams. Mindlessly hanging around clubs and bars, drinking and dancing until one night she ends up at the mercy of two men who have nothing good in mind.

Ex Black Ops operator and current PI working with the FBI on a missing girls investigation, Drexel Wolfe is just in time to intercept an abduction in progress and manages to chase off two suspects when suddenly what was a regular investigation, turns into a full on agency affair. Something to do with the victim who might know more than she is telling. But no matter how hard they look or how much they question, the woman named Gemini claims to know nothing about anything.

When it becomes obvious Gemini holds interest for quite a few people, and she is in danger, something compels Drexel to use all  his resources to protect her. Gemini's head is reeling as she tries to comprehend how she has ended up in the middle of an international plot and how it is possible that what she knew to be her life may have all been a lie.

But the man who has firmly placed himself by her side, and in front and behind her, is doing whatever he can do find the answers for her. Drexel is determined to keep her safe, even from herself. Overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal, guilt and a growing attachment to Drexel, Gemini is starting to feel claustrophobic and her instincts are to run. But Drex can't let her go too far, or someone else will get her first......



Oh my!! This book hit me in all the right spots!! And now I have to try and find the words to try and tell you why.....

First off, I identify with chronic pain conditions and know what they do to the psyche. Devastating potential...... That was the first thing that hooked me in.... Gemini and I have some common ground. The loss of ability to pursue passions and activities....a life that others take for granted, limited by involuntary responses of the body to central nervous system impulses completely out of the conscious control is infuriating. It involves a huge amount of grief, with all its related phases that is difficult to understand by those who don't 'live it'. A daily battle to rise above pain is utterly exhausting. 

The fact that Ms. Hargrove is able to put this down in a character I can identify with, is huge to me. And it shows me a tremendous amount of insight.

The action and suspense in what is a phenomenally beautiful love story, is excellent. I actually feel like I've read two books after finishing this story. The full satisfaction of an emotional and rich love story and the adrenaline rush of an intricate and action filled suspense. I don't quite know how Ms. Hargrove managed it, am sitting here trying to figure it out, but there it is......

The connection between the characters is friggin' honest and direct. No games played. No subliminal messaging. No high school antics. Mature communication, with feelings out in the open, risking hearts and sanity, going all out.......simply beautiful and courageous. It is as if they couldn't help themselves but rip off all pretence and bare themselves to the other. 

The action, the intrigue was top notch, with great build up and time suspended periods where I would hear the 'Jaws' mood score in my head....knowing something was about to happen. That delicious tension right before all hell breaks loose. 

I can't tell you how highly I recommend this book, if you love your action suspense.....and you equally love a good romance with lots of honest feeling, this really is a book for you!

✨A story as sharply chilling as it was fiercely passionate.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Smashworks Barnes&Noble


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