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Angels In Leather CoverANGELS IN LEATHER
(Rebels On Bikes #1)
by Bella Jewel
ARC review
Published: February 17, 2014 

My rating: of 5 ⭐️

The same man she considered a friend growing up, the same biker who pulled her away from the brink of death is the one who has been hunting Meadow for well over a year now. Ever since the murder of her father when with his last words he handed her some digital information to deliver, she has been on the run. She doesn't understand anything except that she needs to fulfill her father's last wish.

The need for revenge burns in Axel's gut. Ever since the betrayal that caused all humanity to be ripped from his soul, his focus had been clear. Revenge and the retrieval of the information that could threaten the only family he knows. The fact that both goals could be reached if only he could get his hands on one elusive sprite of a girl, drives him absolutely wild. A girl who once brightened his days.

When Axel finally catches up with Meadow, she does not go willingly or easily. Meadow is not prepared to give up anything until she has a better understanding of what is going on and information is something Axel has no interest in providing her with. It is not easy to balance the warmth they once shared with the hatred they now feel. But the line between hatred and love is a vague one.....


Not for the weak of heart!!!! YOWZA!!

A story concept full of promise, characters brimming with potential, a plot that implies gritty and violent action and sexual tension that can only translate into mind-numbing orgasms. 

I love the framework of the story, the build up was great, however I did not feel that the full story was told. Without going into details that might spoil things for others, there are some gaps in the story that simply asked to be filled with accounts of 'behind the scenes' actions or events that were merely alluded to. I missed them.

The characters have a strange but undoubtedly deep connection. Very volatile, but genuine.
Meadow is actually a quite confusing personality. She is initially portrayed as deeply depressed, but at a point in her life where she has all the reason in the world to want to end things, she suddenly becomes this tough and resourceful ninja chick. Don't get me wrong, I love that about her!! But I didn't get to see how she went from one to the visible transition.... A gap.
Axel is a complex character made too outrageously nasty, almost. I am trying to figure out how his feelings toward Meadow got so twisted in with his need for revenge. He must have some morality left, he steps up for some girls in trouble and has them protected by his he is not without human feeling. Axel is a mass of contradictions. Thank goodness he is a very hunky mass!!

The plot offers a lot of interest, secrets, betrayal and club war, and in parts of the book we see a decent amount of suspense and action. But there are some inconsistencies, some things that don't quite line up or leave me with questions..... It is very possible some of these will be answered in subsequent books, since this is the first in a series. And as you will see from the Epilogue, there is already an intriguing storyline in play for the next instalment!!

I enjoyed the writing style, and although there were a few gaps here and there, the overall flow of the story was good. Bella Jewel knows how to write a raw and carnal sex scene!! HAWT!! 
I'm in for the next one!!

✨Dark, chilling, racy and graphic MC action!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**


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