Saturday, February 15, 2014

SIX BROTHERS by Lili St. Germain

(Gypsy Brothers #2)
by Lili St. Germain
ARC Review
Published: February 15, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

With the first taste of revenge on her lips, Juliette/Sammi is eagerly awaiting an opportunity for her next move. Dornan, who is overcome with grief at the loss of his oldest son, is unpredictable in his moods and it takes everything for Sammi not to run away screaming. But she has set herself a task and she is determined to bring it to an end.

The only person who has any goodwill towards her in the compound is Jase, but Sammi can tell he is as conflicted as she is. She is afraid that before this is over, he will have lost all patience with her and wouldn't even recognize her if she told him who she really was.


Damn!!!! I'm telling you....when all books are done, I'm going back and reading them one after the other!! So flipping good!! But what a have these brilliant chunks of writing, that get my blood pumping and my mind going, and then have to shut it all down again and wait for the next instalment......... TORTURE!! Kind of like what Juliette/Sammi is going through I guess! exacting her revenge.

I can see some wisps of doubt creeping in......not so much about whether what she is doing is deserved , but whether it is going to bring her any peace or relief at the end of it. Where Juliette had no hope of any future before, suddenly when reconnected with Jase, even under these circumstances and without him knowing who she is, old feelings she had suppressed and thought were long dead, come back alive.

She also gains some more insight into the events leading up to her father's death and her rape, that she had been unaware of. Nothing that could ever justify the extreme violence of the acts or the cruelty of the man performing them. And cruel and unpredictable he is. If ever a creepier villain was written, I haven't encountered him. The switching back and forth between grieving father and psychotic cold monster is so well portrayed, it gives me shivers even thinking about it.

Word of caution to the weak of heart....this book is violent and graphic, but dark and disturbing as it may is completely engaging and addictive, and is phenomenally well written by Lili St. Germain, who has a fan for life in me!!!

✨It gets better.....turbulent, taunting and raw!✨

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  1. If I had not already brought this, I would because of your review.