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INCINERATE by Tessa Teevan

(Explosive #2)
by Tessa Teevan
ARC Review
Published: February 18, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Injured in an explosion while on a mission as EOD Specialist for the army, Knox Wellington is none to happy that he will be out of commission for the unforseeable future. Not only that, but he is going to have to accept help doing simple tasks until the doc clears him for some PT. So when he opens his door to find the gorgeous brunette he had been trying hard to ignore the night before at the bar with his mates, to find out SHE is the rehabilitation volunteer who will be assisting him through his recovery, he is all but pissed.

As if the blow off she got last night at the bar wasn't enough, Charlie Davenport had no illusions left with the hunk who snubbed her being the same guy as the scowling patient standing before her. Lovely. But, growing up with a father in the military, she is not a stranger to the way these strong and capable men handle illness or injury......POORLY. Charlie is here to do a job and she'll stick with it.... and will try her very best to ignore the sparks that fly whenever they are around each other.

When circumstances put Charlie in Knox' spare bedroom, the close proximity forces the two to work around their initial hostility and palpable chemistry and forge a tentative friendship. Spending more time together also brings down some of the defenses both have erected after their respective negative experiences with the opposite sex and before long, very little is holding back the electricity that sparks between them.

But there is no moving toward a future before the past is left behind for good, and both Charlie and Knox find out there are doors that need closing. For good.


Fabulous!! I loved IGNITE.... I ADORE INCINERATE!!

Tessa Teevan's writing has such a comfortable flow to it, there isn't a place in the book where I feel I am rushed, or wishing to flip ahead. The pacing is perfect, the language on par. The heat is delicious without being too crass for those more sensitive (note: I'm not necessarily referring to myself.. HA)  and there is a hint of clever humor and a definite psychological intelligence evident in her stories. An author I will never turn down a read from!!

Tessa's characters in this book in particular, were so compelling!

Knox, who was 'wronged' by family and young love, had kept himself hardened in that shell of hurt, never quite moving on. And at this point in his life, where it had almost become irrelevant who was wrong or right, he was allowing it to have too much impact on his present and his future. Underneath the shell of the pissed off young man, had developed a wonderful loving and loyal, confident mature adult man, one who finally got to see the light of day, when his hurt younger shell was challenged by a certain mouthy and fierce tomboy by the name of Charlie.

Growing up without her mom, Charlotte had very little, if any, female influence and although she didn't seem to feel she 'missed' anything, since her father filled most all of her needs, she did end up a tomboy with a proclivity to relate better to the male population. No surprise that she had grown up strong and could stand her ground when faced with grumpy and taciturn Knox. In fact, she had no trouble standing up to any man who stepped into her path. 

The beauty of the pairing of these two strong and determined individuals, is that despite their strong and unflappable stance in the world, they seem to encourage and allow the other to bring out their softer side. For Knox that means allowing himself to open himself and bare himself emotionally to Charlie, and for Charlie it means to allow herself to be and feel completely vulnerable as long as Knox is there to 'hold her together'.

✨Love, love, love this study of transforming relationships!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest relationship.** Barnes&Noble


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