Sunday, February 23, 2014

BLINDNESS by Ginger Scott

by Ginger Scott
ARC Review
Published: February 25, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Her life upended after the death of her father, Charlotte Hudson clung to the few things she had left that brought her a sense of security. Her architecture studies - which she loved, her boyfriend Trevor - who just offered to take her in after the loss of her apartment, and all her good memories - she worked hard at focusing on those alone. Charlie had little she could count on so she tried to make life as safe and predictable as possible. And it worked. For a while at least.....until she met Cody.

In his young twenty three years, life has taught Cody Carmichael that nothing good stays around for long. At least, that has been his experience thus far. His motocross career down the drain after a trick gone horribly wrong. The death of his father had almost destroyed him. Only one thing that has meaning to him, one thing worth fighting for is his father's garage, his father's legacy. Well, it was the only thing - until he met Charlie.

Their meeting was by chance, but their connection seemed to have been destined. At least it felt that way. Especially when after the initial chance interaction, it turns out they will be in each other's life more than either of them had counted on or could have predicted. At least not under these circumstances. It does nothing to stem the flow of feelings that seem to overwhelm whenever the other is near, however inappropriate the timing. 

Charlie finds herself in the middle of a most difficult situation, from which she sees no positive outcome. Love for one keeps her tied to another amidst the most dysfunctional of households, but it is the only home Charlie knows. When a call forces her to face some of the demons in her own past, the emotional strain simply becomes too much and the carefully guarded secrets are all blown apart, along with three hearts.


Oh my...... Ginger Scott did it again! Such incredible insight in what goes on in the young adult, still developing mind and heart.....amazing. 

This is a standalone book and deals with a love triangle .....of sorts. It really is a book about choices.... choices that are safe and choices that are right and the fact that those two do not necessarily line up all the time. Choices we make are always influenced by history and circumstances, as they were at first for Charlie.

Decisions Charlie made in her life, with a few exceptions, were mostly ruled by events from her past. Understandably so. She was in survival mode. Coping. Coping but never quite processing, never moving forward. Unfortunately, which is why it was so difficult for her to find an identity for herself and seemed quite satisfied just allowing herself to be moulded into something someone else envisioned. Except Cody, he saw sides to her she didn't think were even there anymore. He saw through all the trimmings right to the core of her.

Save for his best friends, Cody was viewed as a failure. And was feeling like one more often than not. Once at the top of his game, he was now simply a shell of his former self and was unfortunately forced to live under the constant derision of his so-called 'family'. They saw him as nothing but a nuisance and a parasite. Charlie saw all of him and that gave him the push needed to work on getting himself better.

There is not one character in this book that is not made three-dimensional by Ms. Scott's descriptions. The entire cast is brought to life, with all of their individual hang-ups, baggage and complexities, and save for one or two, all are left having developed and grown over the course of this novel. 

✨Gut-wrenching and moving tale of fate finding its way.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**


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