Tuesday, February 11, 2014

IN PURSUIT by Olivia Luck

by Olivia Luck
ARC review
Published: February 11, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Interior designer, Eddie Neff is excited to start a new chapter in her life when she arrives in Chicago, ready to meet her new roommate and find new clients. Her new digs in Claire's apartment are above and beyond expectations, as is Claire herself, vivacious and rather intimidating. After life with her solemn and disengaged father, Claire's lack of boundaries would take some getting used to.

It isn't long before Eddie comes face to face with Claire's older brother Harris and although the circumstances were not the best, he made quite the impression on her. Moody and irritated with his sister's antics most of the time, Harris may look like every woman's dream, but he sure didn't behave like it. It doesn't stop Eddie's body from responding to his proximity every time he comes around.

But Harris isn't immune to Eddie's looks or her alluring innocence and although his inflated sense of responsibility for his sister should keep him at a distance, he can't stay away from her. Finally giving in he carefully explores the sadness he has sensed around her and finds her opening up to him, both emotionally and physically. But when Eddie probes a little too close to his own demons, he can't help but shut her down.

And before they have a chance to find some solid footing, both become even more unsettled when family decides to meddle.....


I was warned it was a cliffhanger!!!! And now you are too! 

There is going to be a second book in conclusion, aptly named: OF HAPPINESS, and I for one, will be frothing at the mouth until I can get my grubby hands on it...... BECAUSE there are some characters in this book who need their butts kicked!!!

Oh yeah..... nasty meddling so and so's..... you'll see!

I'm very impressed with a few things in particular about this book...... although it is not a suspense novel, there is a sense of 'foreboding' that Olivia Luck has been able to build into the relationship between Eddie and her roommate that was tangible from the start. Funny thing is, in the beginning, I thought I was imagining something, but as it turns out my sense was correct........something was off. Reading back, there was nothing specific that was said, or done.......just an atmosphere that Olivia was able to set up, that created a tension that was actually palpable. 

And there were more moments like that in the book, where without using elaborate explanations or description, the author could set a tone or convey an emotion quite clearly. How? I'm not quite sure, I just know it surprised and impressed me.

I like Eddie. She may appear innocent, but she is not stupid. I like how she responds when she finds herself in an awkward situation. She makes rational decisions.....uses common sense, and above all, thinks of her own emotional well being first. She needs to, if no one else will. Yay for Eddie!

Harris is a good man, with massive baggage and some effed  up family dynamics. I know we want him to step up and be the knight in shining armour, but reality dictates that sometimes people take a while before they can wriggle themselves out of a set pattern into an appropriate response.

Interesting storyline with family dynamics (or should I say dysfunction) being the dark horse in this tale. A smooth reading experience, an interesting and diverse cast of characters and a bit of piquante heat for the willing taste buds!! 

But I still prefer a complete story!!!! ;)

✨An insightful, provocative and slightly disturbing division of alliances ✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**

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