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SUMMER FLING (Compass Girls #3) by Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon

(Compass Girls #3)
by Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon
ARC Review
Published: February 18, 2014, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

They met eight years ago in the middle of the night at the cemetery, each grieving their own loss. And in the years since then Jade Compton and Liam Harrison had become fast friends.

Jade is a bundle of energy, adventurous and at times reckless. She is one of the Compass Girls, the Compton cousins who are as close as sisters, and any spare time is spent with them. Days Jade works with her family but at night she tends at the bar and doesn't think twice about jumping in the middle of a brawl to try and break it up.

The summer is already hot and boring, when in a moment of unguarded recklessness, Jade ends up challenging Liam with a kiss. And in an unexpected move, Liam challenges her right back...... to a summer of unrestricted sexual adventure, but with an end date. 

Liam knows he wants more out of Jade than only a few months, but he also knows her well enough that any mention of long term commitments will have her running for the hills. This way he hopes he will slowly earn her trust while exploring all of the sexual curiosity she shows, and allow him to let his dominant side shine through.


PHEW!! Take that you blasted Canadian winter!!! I'll sic Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon on your arse!!!
Yup, found out quickly I was overdressed for the reading of this book!! 

First off..... I adored the characters. I really did. Jade is a beer-slinging, smart-mouthed, swearing spark plug with bristles a mile long, but it's all there to protect the most tender of hearts. All of it is pure self-preservation. She's lost enough and doesn't want to risk losing more, so she works hard at not caring too much. But life and love don't work that way.

Liam sees her for who and what she is. Sees right through her self-protective layers and outrageous behaviour down to the core of her. He loves it all, the whole package. He needed time to get over his own loss and to learn the value of what he had in Jade, but he is confident in his feelings and in how to handle her. 

Some of the dialogue, the banter between these two is so entertaining, so dynamic, it had me chuckling throughout the book. The irreverent nature of Jade is hilarious at times. And Liam's corrective dominating response is positively panty-melting....of course, half the time that is what Jade is after!!

The heat........well.......I think you should consider very carefully when and where you are going to be reading this book. Unless you are an excellent poker player, I would avoid commuter trains and doctor's waiting rooms. It is HOT, people. FRICKIN HOT!! Lip-smacking, finger-licking, spine-tingling heat.......

This is a third book in the Compass Girls series, but can quite easily be read as a standalone, even though the entire cast of characters are recurring. But why would you.....just read them ALL!!

✨A salty, fierce and salacious tale of ultimate trust.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Kobo Barnes&Noble


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