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Thank you so much for this spotlight and allowing me a chance to talk HOCKEY!

My love of hockey began to develop when I was a little girl. For those who don't know me, I am Canadian, born and raised on the prairies where hockey is…life.

Every Saturday night, my mom and her mom and I would settle in to watch Hockey Night in Canada. My dad was there too, but somehow always seemed to end up asleep on the couch. J

Hockey was very different then. There were only six teams (I know, I know, I'm old)Montreal, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and the New York Rangersnow know as the "Original 6". It wasn't until 1967 that the NHL expanded. It was a much simpler business then, not like now with millions of dollars in payroll, big television contracts and splashy entertainment at games. Even the equipment players wore was shockingly differentmost players did not wear helmets. It wasn't until 1979 that they were made mandatory and many players were grandfathered in. Not only that, goalies didn't wear masks until the 1960s! Can you believe that?? But I remembersome of the first masks goalies donned and how they used to paint "scars" on them when they got hit in the face with a puck.

When I was a teenager, my first boyfriend played hockey and he liked to show off when I went to watch his games. Many of our "dates" were hockey games, watching the major junior team in the town where I grew up, the Brandon Wheat Kings. I stroked his male ego by letting him educate me all about hockey, and he patiently answered my questions about offside and icing and why the team had to defend their goalie. After we broke up, I continued going to hockey games with a girlfriend. Some of the players went to our high school and their gorgeous girlfriends were known as "Wheatie Sweeties".  When I started university, a couple of Wheat Kings were in my economics class, which was somewhat distracting from learning about laws of supply and demand. So that was the start of my love of hockey, and yes, crushing on hockey players.

When I started writing romance, I really wanted to write a story about a hockey player hero. But for some reason, the advice at that time was to never write about heroes who are pro athletes. I don't know why. Maybe it had been overdone? Or maybe pro athletes have developed a bad reputation (do I need to name names?). But to me, the qualities we look for in our romance heroesleadership, determination, passion, loyalty, sacrifice and courageare the very qualities that make professional athletes successful in their sport. Imagine having all that determination, passion and loyalty focused on you… and of course, a hot athletic body and big muscles are also part of the charm!

So I decided to ignore the advice (I've broken romance rules before!) and I wrote my first hockey hero, Jase Heller (Breakaway)To my delight, readers loved him! And wanted more! I can't tell you how many emails and messages I've had from readers over the years asking for Jase's brothers' stories. I'd always intended to tell their stories, but so many readers asking for them definitely encouraged me.

It was sad when book 5 of my Heller Brothers Hockey series Offside was written, the end of that series. I have written a short little story featuring Matt Heller and Honey, and have ideas for a couple of other little freebies I will likely write and share.

But I am moving on to my next hockey seriesChicago Aces. This time instead of brothers, the heroes are team mates who play for the NHL team the Chicago Aces, and will hopefully also be linked to another series I have planned also set in Chicago, with glimpses of characters from the two series in all the books. I'm just finishing up Book 1 and I hope you all are going to love Marc Dupuis (he's French! *wink*) and Lovey Armstrong. I'm working to get it out to you all as fast as I can!

Thank you again for having me here today and I'd love to hear from you all your thoughts about hockey, hockey romances or just sports romances!

Kelly Jamieson lives in Winnipeg, Canada and is the bestselling author of over thirty romance novels and novellas. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. If she can stop herself from reading or writing, she loves to cook. She has shelves of cookbooks that she reads at length. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, and in the winter she likes to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues (there might be a theme here...) She also loves shopping, especially for clothes and shoes and of course watching hockey. She loves hearing from readers, so please visit her website at or contact her at .



In the HOCKEY series!!!  Kobo Barnes&Noble


Honey Holbrook is trying hard to leave her past behind her and make a new life for herself. A former spoiled, rich, wild child, her attention-grabbing antics were tabloid fodder for years. Now she has a new job, a new home, and is staying out of the limelight. But the first day of the new job doesn’t go like she expects when her boss and coworkers make it clear she’s not wanted there, and the first project she has to work on is with pro hockey player Matt Heller.

Matt and Honey had a wild and wicked fling eight years ago when he was attending summer development camp for the California Condors – the NHL team Honey’s dad owns. But the relationship ended when they argued over the loser friends Honey hung around with and Matt had to return to college hockey. Before he left, Matt talked to Honey’s dad about Honey’s exploits. She felt betrayed and rejected, and threw herself even harder into her partying lifestyle while Matt tried to carve out a career for himself in the NHL.

Now Matt’s back with the Condors but recovering from a serious injury that has changed his whole outlook on life. He’s not impressed to be working with Honey Holbrook, although her cleaned up image arouses his curiosity. And arouses something else...

Matt knew what kinds of plans he wanted her to have for him. But somehow he doubted her plans involved whips, chains, handcuffs or even just a lap dance. He shifted in his chair. 
"Well, after looking through the foundation’s portfolio and doing some research, I have a few ideas." 
Business. Sure. That was what he wanted. 
Christ, getting dirty ideas about Honey Holbrook was not a good idea. The things his friends had said yesterday about her had pissed him off, but had also served as an eye-opening reminder of the reputation she still had. 
Shit. That stunk worse than his hockey equipment after a game. 
He watched her sitting there, looking sweet and clean, with glowy skin and pale, shiny lips, hair smooth to her shoulders, talking all earnestly about corporate donors and funding research into children’s illnesses. She was trying so hard, it made his chest clench. How long were people going to judge her on her past? 
Probably forever. 
That fucking sucked donkey balls. 

He blinked at her. "What?" 
She stared back at him. "Weren’t you listening?" 
"Nope," honesty compelled him to admit. No point in bullshitting. "I was distracted by your beauty." 
Color washed up into her face, making her even prettier. But then her eyes took on an angry glint. "Don’t bullshit me," she muttered. 
His mouth fell open. He’d resorted to complete, unadulterated truth, and she accused him of lying. He frowned. "Uh. That was the truth." 
Her lips thinned. "Come on, don’t screw around with me. This is serious." 
"I know, Honey. Give me a break. I’m a guy, and you’re a gorgeous woman and I can’t help but notice." 
"Oh please. Men are perfectly capable of carrying on intelligent conversations with women. Your dick doesn’t control your brain, despite popular opinion to the contrary. Men just use that as an excuse for bad behavior, like you’re sex-crazed animals or something." 

He laughed. He leaned forward, elbows on the table, fingers loosely holding his wine glass. "Well. I wouldn’t call myself sex-crazed, but...there is some truth to that theory about men being controlled by their dicks. When we see a hot chick, our brains produce dopamine and...and some other chemical that makes us feel good." Damned if he could remember the name of it, but whatever. "It affects how our brains process information. Sometimes we do stupid things because we’re flooded with those feel good hormones that we get when faced with..." He waved a hand toward her with an up-and-down motion. 
Her lips twitched. "Uh-huh. Well, maybe you need to learn to use the big sex organ between your ears so you can control the smaller one between your legs." 
He jerked his chin down with affront. "You did not just call my dick small." 
It was her turn to laugh. "The ultimate male insult. I apologize. That wasn’t what I meant. I know perfectly well how...big..." She stopped and blinked at him as if the words had started coming out before she’d thought that all through. 
His mouth widened into a grin again. "Uh-huh," he said encouragingly. "You know perfectly well how big...what?" 
Her cheeks got that rosy flush again. Her mouth twitched again too, and then she lifted her chin. "Fine. I’ll say it. I know perfectly well how big the sex organ between your legs is." 
Fuck, no, she didn’t, because it was getting bigger by the second. Bigger and harder. He winced. 

Their eyes met and he got the feeling maybe she did know what was going on with his dick. The air around them became hot and thick, making breathing difficult. Their eyes connected with a magnetic force that made it impossible to look away. Her tongue came out in a quick swipe over her bottom lip, and a sharp bolt of need shot straight to his balls. They continued to stare at each other as if they were both in a trance. 
He felt like his entire body was pulsing. 

Oh wow. This wasn’t over between them.

OFFSIDE (Heller Brothers #5) 
by Kelly Jamieson
Advanced Reading Copy
Published: October 1, 2013, Kelly Jamieson

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐

It had taken years for Honey Holbrook to try and live down her wild and well publicized days as the rebellious child of one of hockey's greats and his otherwise perfect family. All to no avail. She had managed to leave her old life behind, get her degree, stand on her own two feet and not create even a ripple, but still her past mistakes followed her wherever she went. And when she starts her first day in her new job, hopeful to make a good first impression, it is almost immediately squashed again when she is not only told the job is hers as a favor to her father, but the first person she encounters in a meeting is none other than Matt Heller, the one person who had and then threw away her heart eight years ago.

After a devastating neck and head injury, Matt Heller had been on the disabled list for months and although finally skating again, he was not cleared for full contact yet and bored out of his mind. That's why he enjoyed getting involved in these charity projects his team ran, it gave him something worthwhile to do. He was shocked to see Honey Holbrook in that meeting, and not just that, but she was to be the person he would be working with. Remembering their wild fling from years ago that ended on a bitter note, he can't help but notice how different she looks. Still beautiful, but poised and together. Surprisingly after all this time he can still feel the pull she has on him and there is something else about her, a vulnerability that he never saw before.

Honey tries to keep her distance from Matt. She isn't really upset with him anymore, she understands why he did what he did, but she also knows she has little resistance when it comes to him. Matt doesn't deserve to be tainted with the ongoing bad reputation that will haunt her forever. He is just about to start playing again and who knows what an association with her would do to his career. But it seems he is able to break through every one of the barriers she throws up, and it feels so good just to be accepted for who she is.

Matt senses the push and pull that goes on in Honey. He can feel her physical responses to him, they don't lie, she wants him, but once her mind gets involved, she starts pulling away. Matt is determined to dig down deep and find out exactly what is going on in her head. Because this time, he is not planning to let her go.


Loved, loved, loved it!!!!

Two people who knew each other at their worst, are able to work through that to the person underneath the behavior. Oh how I wish more folks would take the time to look a little closer like that!!!
Other than that it is wrapped in a sizzling hot romance, there is also a great moral to this story and I bet if we look in our vicinity, we can pick out one or two folks at least, who are easier to judge than they are to know........ Perhaps we should put in some more time.

Living up to expectations she knew she could never meet, that's what Honey gave up on at a young age. The only way for her not to disappear into the woodwork, was to start acting out in order to be 'seen'. Something that dragged on way too long, and half decent parents would have picked up on that sooner rather than later. All kids, especially teens, at some point growing up will act out to draw attention, few will be allowed to take it as far as Honey took it. One of the draw backs of the rich and famous and unfortunately the child paid. There is a strong core there though...... otherwise Honey would have easily succumbed to that way of life, like her contemporaries did. But she pulled out, at first she was forced, but then she turned herself around and re-directed her life completely. 

For Matt, the wild days were just that, wild days. Not really rebellious or acting out, just a young guy, away from home for the first time . He was blessed with a strong sense of family, a solid base to rely on. Safety and unconditional love to come home to. Somehow he knew even then, that Honey was in trouble and that he was not the person who would be able to get her out. His accident brought home his need for stability, reliability, both from him to others and for him. So when Honey appeared in his life this time, he was ready for her, ready to show her what unconditional meant.

I adore Kelly Jamieson, some of her books are so much more than they might appear on the surface. HOW TO LOVE was one of those books for me...... OFFSIDE is now another. It has the appearance of a lighthearted romance, but under the surface offers so much emotional insight. And Ms. Jamieson is very talented when it comes to the bedroom!!! She writes the sexiest, hottest, raunchiest, most arousing sex scenes, without ever losing the sensual, erotic feel. I'm telling's a gift!!

✨A moving, steamy and seductive knockout.✨

**ARC received in return for an honest review.**


(Heller Brothers #1)
 Kobo Barnes&Noble

Jason and Remi want the same thing—no-strings-attached, screw-their-brains-out, burn-the-sheets-up fun. Pro hockey player Jason just broke up with his girlfriend because she got too serious. Schoolteacher Remi just saw the last of the younger siblings she raised leave the nest. Jace isn’t ready for responsibility. Remi’s had enough responsibility. They’re perfect playmates.

But fun and sexy games get complicated when emotions get involved. Then responsibility and commitment crash the party when Jason’s past comes back to haunt him. Like it or not, Jason and Remi both have to figure out what they really want.

(Heller Brothers #2)
 Kobo Barnes&Noble

Kyla has tried so hard to be one of the boys. She was always like a little sister to Tag. One summer, things changed from sibling teasing to blazing sexual tension. When they’re reunited for a two-family reunion, the desire and lust are still there, simmering below the surface.

Tag is a pro hockey player who is cynical about women. He knows they’re only interested in him because of who he is. Kyla is an attorney who’s still trying to be “one of the boys” at her law firm. They’re both adults and neither of them is looking for a relationship. A hot summer week at the lake. Need. Attraction. There’s no reason they shouldn’t explore each other.

(Heller Brothers #3)
 Kobo Barnes&Noble

After her ex trashes her reputation in front of the media and it quickly goes viral, Nicole vows she'll never get involved with another hockey player. Too bad her job with the Minneapolis Caribou puts her in contact with sexy hockey players on a daily basis, including the newly traded center, Logan Heller. Logan's pretty sure Nicole is the perfect woman for him and he's determined to have her-in and out of bed. Nicole is equally determined to never date another hockey player. But Logan has a one-man advantage...he knows what she really wants.

(Heller Brothers #4)
 Kobo Barnes&Noble

The Heller brothers are all heading home for the holidays in their short breakA in the hockey season. It should be a great family reunion since three of the four brothers are bringing their new girlfriends. But Jase and Remi just got the results of an important DNA test, and neither of them is in a mood to celebrate. Tag and Kyla also just got some surprising news that has them at odds, and Nicole’s nervous about meeting the whole family when she and Logan have been together such a short time. Instead of peace and joy, this holiday is full of angst, worry and love really enough to overcome all obstacles?


As Kelly revealed in her Guest Post above, we can look forward to a BRAND NEW Hockey Series, featuring a fictional NHL team, The Chicago Aces!! 

But first we can look forward to a new series of a slightly different "sport" - BDSM. The series is called "Windy City Kink" and the first book we are introduced to is called "Sweet Obsession". The following is the synopsis and the Goodreads Link.

(Windy City Kink, Book 1)
Release: April 2014


Wine her, dine her. . .then untie her.

Sasha Bendel is a bundle of nerves as she knocks on the door of a Gold Coast penthouse. Her landscape design business took a hard hit when one of her biggest clients defaulted on his payment, and she desperately needs this rooftop garden design project to get back in the black.
But when her potential client answers the door, she's stunned. It's her old high school boyfriend, the one her wealthy parents ran out of her life when they were discovered engaging in some youthful exploration of bondage and discipline.
Twelve years ago, Jack Grenville let Sasha's powerful father intimidate him into giving up the love of his life. With the help of a sensei, he's overcome his obstacles and accepted his sexual dominance. Now he's back in Chicago to claim what's his--Sasha.
One look at Jack brings back all the forbidden desires Sasha's put on lock-down since that shameful night. No way can she turn down this money-is-no-object job. . .but can she resist Jack's no-knots-barred determination to recapture her heart?
Warning: This book contains a woman with a sweet tooth, a man with a sweet obsession, a cupboard full of bondage rope, and some not-so-sweet kink.

  • Signed print copy of BREAKAWAY and swag pack (“hockey puck”, book thong & pen)
  • Ecopy of OFFSIDE
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