Wednesday, February 5, 2014


(Wrecked and Ruined #1)
by Aly Martinez
ARC review
Published: January 29, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

For four years after a car accident left his wife, Sarah, a stranger, Brett continues to hold on. No longer with hope, that disappeared long ago, but with a sense of responsibility and committment. Stuck in a promise to a woman that was only a memory to him now, making sure that the person who was left would be taken care of. 

Every morning, for the past few months, Jess looks forward to the moment he walks in for his daily breakfast of yoghurt and granola. Working as a barrista while tackling her latest college degree keeps her bills paid, and her daily banter with the hot detective is a nice distraction. And then she finally has worked up enough courage to ask him out.

Brett has noticed Jess and is a little reluctant, to say the least, but once he has had the full effect of her, he feels himself starting to come alive. The strong mutual attraction takes no time flaring into full on sexual chemistry and things are suddenly moving at lightning speed. When Brett decides to finally tie off his past and move on, Sarah is not at all receptive.

It is not easy to let go of years of happy marriage and four years of stagnant dreams. It takes a few eye opening events to help Brett see who belongs in  his future.


O my heart!!! I may or may not have yelled out "you dumbass!!" a time or two during the reading of this book......I literally INHALED it!!

I know way back, when I read the synopsis the first time, I was intrigued by the concept and knew that I wanted to read it. But it is always a dangerous thing, because a really great synopsis can also be a huge disappointment once you have the book in your hands. Not here! Nope. It is everything it promised to be. 

Brett really is the main player here, he is such a decent human being, even with his occasional temper. Standing by his wife, despite the fact that she has turned him away time and time again. He knows she needs someone and everyone else seems to have jumped ship, so he feels his committment from when they were still in love stands. But he is losing himself in the bargain, he has no life at all, he simply exists. His only lightpoint is his breakfast at the coffeeshop where Jess works. She becomes his life line.

She may seem shy and demure, but Jess is not quite the push over she looks to be. She feels way out of her league with the gorgeous Brett, and he at times can intimidate her, but he can never scare her. In fact, he encourages her to stand up for herself and speak out. So she does. She lays it all on the line for him and it scares her to death. But she is done playing it safe, nothing is gained by not going all out and she has decided that Brett is worth going all out for.

Amazing writing by Aly Martinez, a writer I am sure to keep a close eye on. A great writing style, an easy flow, fantastic dialogues and the ability to write love scenes that are both sweetly tender and five alarm hot!!! Yeah, not going to forget that name!!!

✨A gripping, insightful and sensuous knockout!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.** Kobo Barnes&Noble


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