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(Beyond #4)
by Kit Rocha
ARC Review
Published: March 17, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Happier with the O'Kanes in Sector Four than she had ever been as the daughter of a crime boss in Eden, Rachel Riley still had not let go of all her inhibitions. Sure she had gotten her toes wet so to speak. Had seen and touched, tried and tasted, but her real interest always seem to focus back on the same men. Men, she had had a taste of and although brooding and rigid, made her feel safer than ever before and the other was an enigma whom she had fallen for right from the start, but was as conflicted as he was conflicting.  

Trained as a whore and tattoo artist, Ace could read and manipulate people at will, through sex mostly and through his art. What he couldn't do was verbalize his true emotion. That is not to say he couldn't feel it, because he did. He had, for a long time, for Rachel, but she was someone too good, too pure for the depraved likes of him. Cruz on the other hand he could manage. The man needed someone to unlock the carefully programmed repressed sexuality that was simmering under the surface.

A protector in heart and soul, Cruz was conditioned as warrior, but just finding his true self after joining the O'Kane clan in Sector Four. Not an easy task after having been raised to suppress all feelings and emotions, in order to fit the mould of a perfect pupil of Eden's Security Forces. Rachel had a hand in softening his heart, but Ace was unlocking every dark desire inside the depths of his soul. With all protection ripped from his heart, he finds he needs both for balance.

The three are drawn together like moths to a flame. Each individually finding a need in each of the others, but unable to balance the need without the third. A perfect triad, once consumed burning brighter than any of its participants could have imagined. And still....the logistics of three  personalities in one relationship is complex, one fraught with insecurity, jealousy, envy and hurt. 


I think of  all the books so far, this is the most emotionally delicate one of all...... Aside from the freakin' hot sex and beautiful descriptions, the inner turmoil of all players is what really got me in BEYOND JEALOUSY.....
The continuation of the story around the Sector Four group of O'Kanes, gives us a look at the ongoing attempts of the clan to keep their sector 'clean'. They will do anything to protect their way of life, a life full of unapologetic indulgence in family, love, pleasure and sex, and their fierce protection of the same. The fight against the illegal distilleries continues, as some nefarious characters attempt to create trouble for the increasingly powerful O'Kanes.
Against this backdrop, Rachel, Cruz and Ace struggle to find their way toward each other. An inevitability, but not without pitfalls and injuries along the way. 
For Rachel the hardest part was putting her trust in Ace, who thus far had left her hurting more often than not. With his callous behaviour, mostly out of self-protection, he marked her deeply with emotional injuries and she shows a tremendous amount of strength and faith when she puts herself in his hands.
For Cruz it was the letting go of the tightly kept control he was raised with. Inviting the release of all his inhibitions in order to experience pleasure beyond his imagination. He never had a problem with words, unless they needed to describe his own feelings. Feelings he was unaccustomed to until Rachel and Ace. Being able to show and voice love for them was like releasing the final lock on his tethered identity.
And finally Ace, the one who might have appeared the least apprehensive about the triad,  but in fact was the most frightened. His fears were completely self-inflicted. The flamboyant and open attitude displayed to the world was always part of his cover and intended to cover up a feeling of unworthiness that he himself did not want to acknowledge. His solution therefore was to hurt before you get hurt..... but he was yet to learn the power of love..... that would not let you get away with hiding, that would force you to expose yourself and be real. The love that would encourage you to trust.
I have a feeling Ace, Rachel and Cruz are a work in progress and by no means a smooth ride from here on in, and am sure we will hear more about them in future instalments. 

The writing of the duo that comprises Kit Rocha, two best friends Donna and Bree, is nothing short of brilliant, with a story that paints a world so outside of our reality, yet so real. A group of people who have risen from the ashes to make a new community work by their own rules, described in such a well-thought out manner and with such intelligence and insight in social behaviour and the human psyche, is an absolute delight to read. Not to mention the absolute mind-blowing and utterly liberating sexual indulgence that is described with both a raw but also beautiful intensity. 

If you had not already opened a BEYOND book before, and are not afraid of blatant openess and descriptive language and scenery, I highly recommend you start now.... BUT start at the beginning..... FAN-FRACKIN-TASTIC!!!!

✨A primal, gut-wrenching, completely engrossing menage!✨

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