Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FIERCE by Nina Levine

(Storm #2)
by Nina Levine
ARC Review
Published: February 28, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Moving to Brisbane and working two jobs to help her mom keep her business afloat turns out to be more of a challenge than Harlow James had anticipated. Especially after an encounter with a hot and dangerous biker got her fired from one place. The straight-laced country girl was equal parts intrigued and pissed off with the crass and apparent callous MC vice president and had no qualms at all about getting in his face to let him know exactly how she felt. Men had walked over her long enough and she was done with that!

Never had Scott Cole encountered a female so aggrevating and seductive at the same time. Growing up in an MC, he had never known innocence, only loyalty and duty - and lots of willing, eager females throwing themselves at him. Harlow was nothing like that. Not willing, not eager and seemed to be as innocent as the day she was born. And as she drove him crazier with every encounter, she also dug herself deeper under his skin. 

Involved in potentially explosive negotiations between rivaling MC's, Scott can't afford to have his attention diverted. But Harlow turns out to be more than just a diversion, and unfortunately his enemies have picked up on that fact. When it is obvious they have found Scott's potential weak spot in Harlow, he has no choice but to make his claim clear. Not that he is really complaining........


Friggin' AWESOME!!

Love Nina Levine's story-telling!! Her men are finger-lickin' yummy Alphas and her women are kick-ass, smart-mouthed beauts!! 

The backstory for Storm MC is an ongoing one, where Madison from book 1 STORM and her brother, Scott, from book 2 FIERCE, both children of the President have recently discovered they have a half-brother, Blade, by merit of a philandering father, who maintained a separate family for years. The family in disarray, the MC is struggling to maintain integrity despite the family dischord. Not an easy task when family and MC are almost synonimous.

Scott carries a tremendous amount of anger, mostly directed at his father, but it filters out in everything he does. Disappointment and desillusionment are at the source of his ire and it only feeds his conviction that unencumbered and free are the way to go, and commitment and love don't exist. Enter Harlow to knock him right on his arse........

Perhaps uninitiated, but by no means innocent, Harlow may not be wise to the ways of the life of a biker, but that doesn't mean she is intimidated by it. Knocked about emotionally once too many times before, she doesn't cower, instead stands her ground and holds her own. She is also refreshingly forward with her needs and desires and completely without guile. 

The contrast in background is no match for the chemistry that burns between them and Ms. Levine has the ability to paint us a very vivid picture of the spontaneous combustion when the two meet in the middle!! 

✨A deliciously deviant dichotomy of opposites attracting.✨

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