Saturday, March 8, 2014

CLIPPED WINGS by Helena Hunting

(Clipped Wings #1)
by Helena Hunting
ARC Review
Published: March 4, 2014 by Gallery Books

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Not bothering any longer to hide his interest, Hayden takes every opportunity he has to head across from his tattoo shop to his aunt's store where Tenley works, determined to lure her out of her shell. Carrying his own share of pain, he recognizes the look of injury in her face and knows he has to proceed with care. But when she expresses an interest in getting a design inked on her, he makes sure everyone knows he will be the only one touching her.

For Tenley the damage is still fairly fresh, but every time she is in contact with Hayden he soothes her pain. She needs him to tattoo her, to help her purge some of her demons through the design she wants imprinted on her skin. Something tells her he understands the significance of the ink and she wouldn't trust anyone else with it.

Their careful and tentative connection intensifies over the shared design for Tenley's tattoo, and despite Hayden's attempts to take things slow, Tenley feels an urge to get as close to Hayden as she can. The intensity of their physical chemistry serves to distract from the damaged parts of their past they both hold secret. But as time always does, it allows secrets to catch up and when they do the consequences are sometimes too hard to bear....


Stupendous and breathtaking!!!

What starts off as mutual interest and fascination, moves into want and craving. Then after the first small taste, need develops, growing into dependency and sanctuary. 

But life's realities are never far behind and it doesn't matter how hard you want to move away from a sordid past into the promise of a future, the marks will always be there.

Tenley and Hayden are balm to the other's wounds, mostly without knowing it. Problem is, both are afraid that exposing the full extent of their injuries, both internal and external, will mean immediate rejection by the other, and they would do anything to avoid risking the beautiful, fragile bond they have formed. 

Hayden and Tenley have much in common, having suffered traumatic loss and although under different sets of circumstances, and manage with their own coping mechanisms, they share fear of giving all of themselves. Giving it all, means you could lose it all.......again.

Helena Hunting does such a phenomenal job describing the emotional struggles of two damaged young people, desperately trying to treasure the gift of their relationship, while not losing themselves in the process. 

This story is beautifully written and so utterly moving, it literally left me breathless at times and the anticipation for the next book is great. 

CLIPPED WINGS is not a standalone novel, however, it is a story worth reading all by itself, regardless whether you read the next book or not, simply for the magnificent character study and development done on Tenley and Hayden. If the story ended right here........I would not be is that good.

✨Five haunting, vivid and impassioned stars!!✨

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