Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FINDING AUTUMN by Beth Michele

by Beth Michele
ARC Review
Release: March 27, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

On her way to a conference by train, erotic romance author, Olivia Redmund finds herself living out, what could almost be a scene from one of her own books. A hot sexy encounter in a quiet area of the train, with a rugged, gorgeous stranger with magic hands. A far cry from her normal behaviour, which is much more reserved and demure than her profession suggests. Which is probably why she decides to use her pen name, Autumn Winters, instead of her real name....

Enjoying the freedom of not being measured by the size of his wallet, Hunter Grayson decides to  keep some secrets of his own, determined to enjoy the gorgeous and passionate Autumn as long as he can. But when those secrets come to light, before he has a chance to explain.....Autumn has disappeared. 


YOWZA!! That is most definitely one hot little number!!

A highly erotic story bringing to life a popular 'secret' fantasy of many, I'm sure! Impulsive sex with a stranger in a semi-public location..... Just like for most of us, for Olivia a fantasy was all it had ever been. Except in her case, she would write about them too. But this time she challenges herself to step outside her own box - to be in the moment, so to speak. Grabbing an opportunity to expand on her experience and explore her own limits, something she feels she needs after a bad break up. She is surprised to find herself far more passionate and lustful than she had imagined. Or maybe that was Hunter's influence.....

Not used to being looked at for who he is, but mainly for what he represents, Autumn's refreshing innocence and direct honesty is new to Hunter. He is tired of phony smiles and fake orgasms and craves real and natural responses, like the ones he evokes from Autumn. His lack of trust is a result of history and experience, but it almost costs him a chance to pursue what he has craved all along.

If you are looking for page-scorching love scenes..... You've found it. But there is not a whole lot to the story. I know, it is a novella, there isn't a lot of book to explore backgrounds and context and a whole lot of depth to go with the sex, but I still missed it a bit. What there was....was undoubtedly well written, there just wasn't enough and it was a little too 'pat'...too easy, in the end. Nevertheless, despite the almost insta-love and the incredibly fortuitous turn of events, I thoroughly enjoyed this short, by extremely talented author Beth Michele!!

✨Vivaciously wicked runaway secrets.✨

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