Monday, March 10, 2014

MINE TO CRAVE by Cynthia Eden

(Mine #4)
by Cynthia Eden
ARC Review
Published: March 10, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

His wealth and and reputation as callous playboy casino magnate belie Drake Archer's sharply honed skills and instincts as an ex-Special Forces agent. Those same instincts tell him the gorgeous redhead in his casino, trying to draw his attention, is not his regular 'hook-up' fare. His suspicions are confirmed when despite his misgivings, he lets her get close and at first opportunity has her trapped into showing her true intentions.

Working under the guise of seductress, IT specialist Jasmine Bennett is supposed to distract the casino owner, while stealing secrets from his computer. She had not counted on a man with such a magnetic effect on her, nor had she thought he would catch on to her diversion. The game she plays is a dangerous one, and having met Drake, the last thing she wants is to put him in the line of fire.

Having been burned by the betrayal of a female before, Drake is determined to assert payback, but the more he gets to know Jasmine, the less he believes her to be cold and calculated. In fact, the hot-blooded redhead is firmly implanting herself under his skin. And even though she has exposed his sordid past, the danger it brings along, now faces Jasmine as well and he'll be damned if he will let anything happen to her on his watch.


Holy hotness!! 
A cold and calculating ex-Special Forces agent, turns out to be not so cold after all!! Yowza!

Fourth book in the Mine Series, MINE TO CRAVE is a standalone novel, however, characters and events from the earlier books are referred to and part of this story. To get as complete an experience as possible, it would probably be helpful to read the prior novels as well, although it is not necessary.

I love Cynthia Eden..... I love her writing style, I love the genre and the balance she manages between action and hot romance. In her novels they don't take away from the other, they enhance immeasureably. 

Drake is a man who has been burned in the worst possible way. He probably was not someone who trusted easily to begin with, but when a mistake on his part resulted in a domino effect of disasters, all because of the siren lure of one betraying woman, the entire gender was tainted in his mind. And yet, despite the early confirmation of his suspicions of Jasmine, his heart allows him to look beyond the black and white and for the first time, consider the grey areas in life.

Jasmine, although brilliantly intelligent, is fairly naive when it comes to self-preservation. She has had her "family" taking care of that and has no reason to doubt they want what is best for her. The fact that at times they might have alterior motives, doesn't even occur to her. Drake is the first person she knows who would willingly give up anything and everything for her protection, despite the predicament she has put him in. She has never felt such safety.

An intricate build up of the plot, with a large number of suprising twists that keep the reader guessing and on the edge up to the very end. Adrenaline-pumping action and smoking hot chemistry, make this a very exciting read!

⭐️Highly stimulating, fiery & charged roller-coaster ride!✨

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