Friday, March 21, 2014

SWEET OBSESSION by Kelly Jamieson

(Windy City Kink #1)
by Kelly Jamieson
ARC Review
Release Date: April 1, 2014, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Back in Chicago, twelve years after he left destitute, heartbroken and confused, Jack Grenville has certainly come up in the world. Literally. New owner of a luxurious penthouse, the online security mogul now overlooks the gorgeous skyline of the city that once spit him out. The years of hard work at his business and gentle guidance from his mentor have helped him find his place in the world. But one thing is missing. The girl he left behind twelve years ago.

With her landscaping business starting to make a name for itself, Sasha Bandel should be thrilled with her prospects. However, the reality of bills piling up because your last big client disappeared without ever turning over the money he owed you, serves to bring on a sense of despair. So when a job opportunity comes in for the design of an elaborate roofgarden in one of Chicago's hottest neighborhoods, Sasha's hopes spring alive. That is, until she meets the owner of the penthouse, Jack Grenville.

Jack had known for years he would end up back here, face to face with Sasha. Having come to terms long ago with his penchant for bondage and discipline, he also knew from his teenage expirementations with Sasha that she might not be receptive to him or his preferences now. From her initial reaction to him, it seemed he affected her as much as she did him. But it was more than simple chemistry he needed from her.

To say Sasha was shocked is an understatement. Jack is the one who spoiled her for anyone who tried to follow in his footsteps. And although their youthful love ended abruptly and quite traumatically, she never stopped thinking of him. Caution instilled by years of parental manipulation dictated she walk away, but profesional desparation and secret desires convince her to give this another chance.


A tittilating study of the struggle between that which we have been taught is right, and that which we feel is right for us. The truth is, there is no right or wrong when it comes to two people experiencing love the way they both choose to.

Kelly Jamieson portrays two characters who at a young age experiment with non-mainstream expressions of love through some mild BDSM play. Caught and separated, they each go their own way, with Jack exploring the reasons for his curiosity and Sasha being forced into shame for her participation. 

Over the years, Jack has become someone quite comfortable with his sexual preferences, but they still mean nothing if he can't experience them with Sasha. Training in martial arts seem to fit the controlled strength and patience you would think appropriate for a Dominant. And his power has come, not from the wealth he has acquired, but the struggle it was to get where he is now. 

The sexual naivite and openness that once allowed Sasha to explore her curiosity has all but been eroded. Not just by her parent's initial reaction to her sexual experimentations with Jack, but also her family's ongoing protective control exerted on her life. Taking the step away from under the family's protective umbrella to forge her own destiny in landscaping, was a decidedly unpopular one. And not even her success could encourage their acknowledgement.

Ms. Jamieson very beautifully describes the internal struggle faced by Sasha in particular, who not only has to deal with her own conflict around wanting something so desperately that she should be feeling guilty for. But also with the reality of dealing with parents who already don't approve of much she does. 

This novel also holds one of the most beautiful Shibari scenes I have ever encountered, mostly described by using the senses. It absolutely gave me goosebumps!! In fact, all of the love scenes in this book are gorgeous in their presentation. Something I have come to adore about Kelly Jamieson's books.

A great glimpse at the juncture where the choice of an alternative lifestyle touches the expectations and judgements of the world around us.

✨An insightful, revealing and sensory indulgence!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.**  Kobo Barnes&Noble


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