Monday, March 24, 2014


(Isthmus Alliance #3)
by Sloan Johnson
ARC Review
Release: March 18, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

After an accident shook up what seemed an easy and fun, occasional three-way hook up, Zeke discovered how invested he had become in both Mary and Jeff. His involvement with Jeff is still new, and certainly not known to anyone around him, but he is finding it something he has come to need in his life, as much as his connection with Mary.

Having been relegated to the role of patient, Mary is not really complaining. Not when she is cared for by two very hot and attentive men. Her only frustration is, she can't be as active a participant as she would like. But being forced into this day to day interaction has shown her the beautiful possibilities of their unconventional relationship.

Not one to jump into things blindly, Jeff is all too aware of the potential pitfalls that are ahead. They all have a tremendous amount to lose if this should not work. And even if they decide they are ready to face the outside world, it may not be ready to accept them. In fact, between employers, family and friends, they may simply be torn apart....


Fabulous writing, well-thought through subject matter and amazing characters!!!

This is not an easy review to write, simply because I don't want to give too much away and so much of this story plays on an emotional level. What that means, though, is that the character development for all three main characters, Zeke, Mary and Jeff, is tremendous in my opinion. This story for them is not just about discovering each other, but about discovering themselves. 

And in no one is that more clearly than in Zeke, who has been everyone's best friend and buddy, party man extra-ordinaire for so long, that he himself didn't spend much time thinking beyond that. In terms of settling down, starting a relationship. He certainly never saw himself in a relationship with a man, although he had wondered. Zeke is the most vulnerable of the three in the sense that he stands to lose the most in terms of friends and family. Not really trusting their reaction - when really he is not trusting himself yet. 

Mary, who is a little more used to an unconventional relationship, is the more pragmatic one. She approaches things in an almost organizational manner, to try and keep a healthy balance. Of course, with a background and family as hers, the need for some predictability and balance is understandable. She seems to spend a lot of time mediating. Although initially she appeared the most unaffected by their playful threesome, since the accident she has become its centre.

And finally Jeff, with the painfully clear vision, who almost sabotages his own happiness by being cautious. The baggage he carries has been carefully stowed away in the attic, where no one can get at it. But Jeff knows it's there and the possible implications it has. He seems hesitant to fully give himself, afraid something might open up the attic door. And in so doing creating a situation that is almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

A compelling story of three completely different personalities, drawn to each other to form a cohesive unit. Sloan Johnson's telling of this struggle to completion is incredibly insightful and refreshingly real. Her use of some mild domination and submission illustrates beautifully the dynamics in this triad relationship and her writing is fantastic!

✨Complex, revealing and luscious juggle for balance.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**  Barnes&Noble


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