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COME HOME TO ME by Brenda Novak

(Whiskey Creek #6)
by Brenda Novak
ARC Review
Release: March 25, 2014

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

Two years ago Presley Christensen left her sister, her wild days and her heart behind in Whiskey Creek. Finding out she was pregnant was the final push she needed to realize it was time to get away from the place that had caused her nothing but heartbreak and misery. But now, much stronger, healthier and with a wonderful little boy in tow, she needed to come back to the only family and the only home she ever had. 

He had heard she was back in town, but still Aaron Amos was stunned the first time he laid eyes on Presley again.The two of them always had a strong connection, but Aaron knew he could never be what Presley wanted of him. He had missed her, since she suddenly disappeared two years ago and would like nothing better than to pick up where they left off, even though he had given up the party life a while ago. 

Presley knew she was not over Aaron, but had thought she would be able to avoid him until he moved away to open a new branch of the auto shop he and his brothers own. She should have realized that would be hard to do, given that her sister was married to his brother, and Whiskey Creek was not a big place. Wherever she goes, temptation stares her in the face in the form of Aaron. And this time, her heart is not the only thing she stands to lose.....


Whiskey Creek, a typical small town; where every mistake you have ever made will follow you your entire life; where you can never out-run your background, overcome a reputation or keep a secret. 

Presley had been a troubled youth from a messed up home. She hadn't been shown the best example and historically had not made the best choices for herself. But by removing herself from negative influences and expectations, she managed to build herself up again. Piece by piece and bit by bit. Back in town, however, her old insecurities creep up on her again. This time entirely in her mind and not by outside judgement. 

Himself a child of a troubled home, Aaron as well as his younger brothers, were mostly raised by Dylan, the eldest of the Amos boys. Needless to say at some point all the boys had a reputation as troublemakers in town, and although Dylan was now married and had settled down, the town still looked at Aaron in the same way. Despite the fact that he had kept mostly to himself for quite some time now. 

Aaron had made mistakes, he too had missed out on good examples growing up and has had to learn by trial and error, mostly. But he did have determination, and used it to eventually win Presley's trust again.

The characters were well fleshed out, even though there obviously is history and context that has been addressed in prior books. There is sufficient information to be able to read this book comfortably as a standalone. There is no cliffhanger ending, even though there are aspects to the back story that have not been resolved by the end of this novel. But our main characters have the important part of their story complete.

Brenda Novak is a seasoned and very accomplished writer and it shows in the ease with which the story flows and the characters interact. The plot line of this book is a provocative one and it will certainly get you thinking. It did for me, and is one of the reasons I ended up lowering my rating by half a star. There was something not quite credible....for the way the plot played out. BUT I have to say that because of the subject matter, that may be a very personal observation and don't let that deter you from reading what is a very well written book!

✨A charged and thought-provoking tangle of secrets.✨

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