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RIDGE (Wild #2) by Adriane Leigh

(Wild #2)
by Adriane Leigh
ARC Review
Published: March 2, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

Despite the fact that Ridge is now a succesfull restaurateur and no longer the drug addicted delinquent he once was, he still won't let himself live down his failures. The largest of which the one that drove the last nail in the coffin of his relationship with his brother, namely sleeping with his fiancee. It doesn't matter that Mia turned out to be his reason to get up in the morning, their relationship would always be tainted with the stain of betrayal, and the connection of blood is not something that can be replaced.

Determined to start with a clean slate he attempts to sever any ties to his past mistakes and forces himself to make choices based on sensibility, not on need or want. For a while that seems to work for him, but his darker side won't allow itself to be suppressed for very long and he craves the one who knows and sees him better than anyone. 

A pattern of self destruction emerges, pulling along everything and everyone in its wake. And when it appears even the smallest have fallen victim, Ridge finally has to recognize the biggest mistake of all and can only hope there is anything left to salvage.


High intensity!!! Not just a light Sunday afternoon read.....

A fantastic, dark and painful journey through guilt and self-flagellation to love and acceptance, described by the amazingly talented Adriane Leigh. 

To be able to appreciate this story, be sure to leave your judgement at the door, pity is not welcome either, but a healthy amount of empathy, acceptance of human imperfection and an open mind are not only welcome but encouraged. 

RIDGE can be read as a standalone novel, and although it would help create context around this story to read WILD, book one in the series, first, it is not necessary.

This is a story about tortured beings who somehow have found each other and manage to soothe the others' soul. There are those who might say theirs is not a 'healthy' relationship because of their strong co-dependency, I beg to differ - I believe the acceptance they give each other in every aspect of their lives is one they cannot find anywhere else and it has a healing effect. Is that not what a good relationship should do? Accept the other fully...warts and all?? 

Ridge has been drifting through life, having become dislodged and then displaced at a young age, after which he has done everything - and everyone - to try and numb his pain. When he meets Mia, he finds his anchor, but loses his brother.....his family....his blood. 

Mia has an important, but secondary role to Ridge in this novel, but it is important to know that she too, has some seriously dark demons she battles, and Ridge means much the same to her, as she does to him. 

A phenomenally insightful character study, intelligently written by Adriane Leigh. Describing the excesses of dark and dangerous indulgences and the road to, through and from them.

✨A haunting, wickedly sinful search for absolution.✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.** Barnes&Noble


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