Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IN JACK'S ARMS by Roxie Rivera

(Fighting Connollys #2)
by Roxie Rivera
Release: January 28, 2014, Night Works Books

My rating:  3 of 5 ⭐️

After the death of her grandfather, Abby Kirkwood was left the care of her younger brother and the family pawn shop. When her shop is broken into for the second time, she starts suspecting these were not simple break ins. Her concern for her brother her highest priority, she ends up discussing her troubles with his baseball coach and the owner of the gym where he likes to hang out. Jack Connolly also happens to be the man who has had her eye for years.

When former Marine and gym owner, Jack Connolly gets wind of the potential threat to Abby, he makes quick work of ensuring she is under his protection. And when they discover this isn't a simple case of neighborhood gangs vying for territory, but a much larger game involving the Russian mob and a Mexican cartel, he is not willing to let her out of his sight at all.

Jack has been in love with Abby for years, but their timing always seemed to be off. This time,  however, he wasn't going to let anymore time go wasted, and no one was going to lay a hand on his woman or her brother. 


Action galore!! Second book in the Fighting Connollys series and again we have involvement of the mob, the cartel, this time an MC and more criminal involvement than you can imagine. 

Also once again a case of insta love, where there really isn't any build up of a relationship, because that apparently has already happened off-scene. Here I am afraid I couldn't pick up on the chemistry. Even though the love scenes are steamy in description, they left me fairly unmoved. 

So much goes on in this story, it is actually difficult to keep track of everything. The names, the connections, the enemies, who hates who and why.....it all becomes too much to retain and it is too bad, because I love the idea of the plot!! If half the complexities around the plot where cut away, and deepened out a bit better, I would probably have enjoyed it so much more. Instead, it felt rather choppy and hurried, trying to cram as much information in relatively few pages.

Ms. Rivera doesn't seem to have a problem to keep all her strings well in hand though..... There is some overflow from the first book into this one, and already we can see the beginnings of what I am sure will be the next brother to fall victim to love.

✨Spicy love against the underbelly of Houston.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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