Sunday, March 2, 2014


(Breathe Again #2)
by Emma Grayson
Published: February 24, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️

At some point in his life, Kane Archer thought things couldn't get much better. After his somewhat turbulent adolescence he had chosen a path for himself that was one of justice, if at times on the gray side of the law, and he had come back to Camden, claiming his future wife. Now, two years after an assignment gone horribly wrong that had left him injured and his fiancee dead, he is in Camden once again - torn and bitter and hell-bent on revenge.

Moving to Camden to get away from family pressure, is the best thing Whitney Jareau could have done for herself. She was being forced in directions she didn't want to go, after the family suffered a devastating loss. Here in this small town, she could live on her own terms and make her own choices. She had good friends and enjoyed working at the coffeeshop. Even better when the dark and brooding, but beautifully handsome Kane Archer popped in for his regular shot of caffeine.

Kane noticed the blue-eyed Whitney, her welcoming smile lifting a bit of his dark mood each time he came in. But he hadn't planned on acting on it, not until he was forced to intervene when it appeared she might be in trouble. Little did he know, the blonde bombshell had some moves on her. She diffused the situation almost single-handedly before he had a chance. That made her even more attractive to him and he had to struggle to keep his focus where it needed to be - finding his fiancee's killers.

Whitney understands the pain and darkness Kane struggles with and would love to alleviate some of it, but has to tread carefully. She has come to care for him a great deal and he is not ready for that. But when her family is once again putting on pressure to make her come home and abide by their wishes, this time by force if need be, he doesn't hesitate to interfere.


FABULOUS!!! Another great writer discovered....well....for me at least. And a series! You know what that means...... There will be more!

A little reminiscent at times of the amazing Kristen Ashley, the feeling this book gave me when I was reading. The way the characters were portrayed and the relationship developed. I really, really loved it. Heat, humour, grit, growls, and an array of fabulous and colourful characters against an interesting backstory.

Whitney is resilient, despite suffering significant loss in her life, she has the ability to pull positives out of most situations. If anything, she may have a little too much faith in the goodness of people. An endearing quality but dangerous as well. Her positive nature did allow her to see more than just skin-deep with Kane, the man underneath the armour.

Kane is fueled by revenge, which is why he can pretend not to be affected by the negative assumptions made by the town he grew up in, or why he doesn't make any effort in his own defense. He tells himself it doesn't matter, even though it does. Whitney seems to be the only one who doesn't judge, doesn't assume. She baffles him with her openness and draws him out.

These characters cause the most delicious friction on paper. Poetic contradictions with Kane the rugged and monosyllabic enigma of a warrior and on the other hand Whitney, a guileless and luscious coffee shop employee, with a sweet exterior but a firm bite. Love how the public personalities slowly give way bit by bit under the influence of the other, to reveal the true characters underneath. All of this with a heavy dose of sexual chemistry that is nothing short of delicious.

I adored this book by Emma Grayson, and absolutely do not wish to miss another one in this series. The combination hot chemistry with great suspense is one I am a slave to, as those who know me will attest to. Highly recommended!!

✨An adrenaline-spiked, hot and heavy Alpha ride!!✨

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