Tuesday, March 18, 2014

IN KELLY'S CORNER by Roxie Rivera

(Fighting Connollys #1)
by Roxie Rivera
Release: September 27, 2013, Night Works Books

My rating:  3.5 of 5 ⭐️

Code writer and growing internet mogul, Bee Langston finally concedes she can't handle the threats of her stalker on her own, and calls in the help of Kelly Connolly. The man who has had her tied in knots for years, but has turned down any and all advances, but the only one she trusts completely. With the threats too close to home now, she will have to push her embarrassment to the side.

Having been in love with his best friends' younger sister for years, has weighed on former Marine, Kelly Connolly's mind. Especially since she kissed him last New Year's and he proceeded to avoid any contact after that. You don't touch a friend's sister, especially when the friend died in combat, in your arms. But when Bee approaches Kelly with a look of fear stamped all over her face, guilt and concern for her safety take the place of apprehension.

Between keeping Bee safe and finding out who is sabotaging her company, as well as trying to keep his gambling drunk of a father out of the clutches of loan sharks, Kelly has his hands full. With no choice but to keep Bee close by his side, it seems futile to fight the feelings he has kept hidden for so long and when Bee responds eagerly to his advances, there simply is no holding back.

But pride has him fighting his own family's battles, quite literally. Kelly has to go back into the ring to fight for his family's safety and won't allow Bee to help. Bee is just as determined to keep her man safe. But once a trust is broken, the heart often follows suit, and in this case might lead to a loss of life.....


Successful, independent and rich nerd, meet hot, protective ex-Marine Alpha!!

Great combo, these two characters. 
I love the rich nerd, cerebral & klutzy Bee, who, despite her great success developing web programs, has not changed her ways or her looks or anything from when she was a student. The fact that she is somewhat of a genius, doesn't make her any less of an insecure woman than any other woman around. But she is by no means a pushover. With a backbone of her own, she has been taught by the best in biz, to be quite the 'killer' in the boardroom as well. Even though she doesn't quite look the part, in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops......

Youngest of a trio of strapping ex-military brothers, Kelly has done his service for his country....four times over. Growing up with their abusive father has only bonded the brothers closer together, and when one is in trouble, all stand to back him up. Bee's brother was like one of his own, and out of respect for him, Kelly had kept his distance, but once that line was crossed, he knew there was no way back. He now struggles with his own worthiness, having only finished high school himself, there was no way he could ever dream to 'take care' of Bee in every way he thought he should. She would always be worth so much more. 

An interesting dynamic. A quick insta-love, but I guess in this instance, the writing had been on the wall for years. The chemistry didn't have a nice slow build up and therefore was not as convincing as it might otherwise have been, however, that did not stop the love scenes from being blistering hot. Ms. Rivera certainly knows how to turn up the temperature!!

The storyline, with its multiple angles and twists, was interesting and provided enough action and suspense to balance out the romantic aspect. Although at times I felt there was almost too much going on in too short a time frame and too few pages.

All in all a great, satisfying read!

✨Action, mobsters, steamy sex, underground fighting, klutzy nerds...did I mention Steamy Sex?✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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