Friday, March 21, 2014

YOU'RE NOT SAFE by Mary Burton

by Mary Burton
ARC Review
Release: March 25, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

For twelve years Greer Templeton had hidden from the public eye, trying to leave behind a life that ended in a tragedy that took two lives and almost ended hers. Working the vineyard - hers now, after her aunts death - every day, has given her a future, and taking in unwanted and rejected animals, a new purpose. But when an apparent suicide is discovered on the edge of her property, the memories of all those years past come flooding back.

Called in to investigate a suspicious suicide, it doesn't take Texas Ranger Tec Bragg to find his way to Greer Templeton's door. Direct and prying, he soon discovers a 12-year old connection between Greer and his victim. When another victim turns up whose life intersected with Greer's during the same period, Tec decides a very close eye on Greer is warrented. But he is uncertain whether it is to monitor her movements, or to make sure she is safe.


A great thriller!! 

Very carefully woven plot, made particularly terrifying by victimizing those left emotionally fragile by traumatic events. The killer not only making his subjects physically, but psychologically vulnerable. With a slight, damaged, but gritty herione holding a piece of the puzzle and a jaded and suspicious law man torn between procedure and emotion.

Tec Bragg is a hard man. Hardened by his job, and by events in his life. He tends to trust what he sees, what he can touch or hear. A man of concretes. His rather rigid stance in life is challenged by the emotions that Greer evokes in him, and it unsettles him......slightly.

Greer Templeton has lived with the burden of guilt for so long, it has become a familiar weight on her shoulders. Nevertheless, she is willing to finally move forward despite of it. And just like that, her safely constructed life is coming apart at the seams and not in the least with the impressive arrival of Tec at her door.

I really enjoy Mary Burton's books! They are always, without exception, page-turners, keeping the reader locked in the story until the very last page. Her characters imperfect, gritty and therefore very real and approachable. Her stories tight and intelligent and invariably creepy. Worth the read.....every time!

✨A haunting, sinister and powerful fight to live.✨

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