Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DASH OF PERIL by Lori Foster

(Love Undercover #4)
by Lori Foster
Release: March 25, 2014, HQN

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

From a family of law enforcement officers, Margo Peterson made sure from an early age on she would not be a disappointment and strived to be as good if not better than any male counterpart. Now a Lieutenant, her latest case has her working undercover with the occasional unsanctioned support of one of her detective's brother, Dashiel Riske helping her stake out several drinking holes. But the blatantly flirting and mouthwateringly handsome Dash has Margo hanging on to her tightly wound control by the fingernails.

Independently weathly construction company owner, Dash Riske has never walked away from a challenge, and the consumate professional Margo Peterson is the ultimate of challenges. Underneath the polished and tightly pinned veneer, Dash can spot a soft and passionate woman, waiting to be released, but afraid to let go. He knows the prickly Lieutenant will run if pushed to hard, so he will tread carefully.

But when as a result of their investigation, aggressive action is taken against Margo, the Alpha side of Dash makes a strong and determined appearance. He is not about to let anything happen to 'his' woman, except the woman in question is quite capable of taking care of herself. In fact, Margo isn't sure Dash is equipped to handle the repercussions of their undercover project, however, she is fast relieved of that notion.

As the case heats up, Margo and Dash explore their own fire and are left to try and find their perfect balance....


Vintage Lori Foster with an extra dollop of sizzling control play!!!

No beating around the bush in this novel! Everybody is very clear on what they want.... that's what you get when you pit two Alphas against each other, even though one is male and one female. And who said that couldn't work?? It all depends on what each is looking for........and that doesn't seem to be in question. 

Margo has not had a particularly loving upbringing. Only by suppressing all softness from her own character, was she able to sustain herself in her family, and in a life that was challenging for a woman. That doesn't mean she stopped being a woman, stopped craving to be seen, touched, appreciated as a woman. But she couldn't afford to show any of that. Until Dash simply did....without needing to tell him, he controls her in such a way, that she can let go without fear.

Always surrounded by good and loving people, Dash had no shortage of female interest, but he only had interest in one female. Enjoying control over the pleasure of a woman was not something new to Dash. The thought of Margo giving herself to his care was an absolute thrill. Dash had always been able to pick up on small signs of Margo's need to let go of the reins, even for a little while, to decompress by giving herself over to someone else - to him. 

Fabulous description of the struggle to lean back and relax a little, without losing complete control or credibility. Something that Margo's character obviously has an issue with....for her, it's either one or the other and she has trouble grasping that embracing the 'woman' in her, doesn't diminish the 'Lieutenant' in her. A true balancing act, which might not seem like a big deal, unless you've been brought up to believe you can only be one thing at a time.

Wonderful gradual transformation in the character of Margo, a solid, strong, relatively quiet and supportive Alpha performance from Dash and an entertaining, observant role for the rest of the supporting cast. Top all of that with a rather gritty underlying suspense plot and you have a first-rate and engrossing novel!

✨A dynamic, sultry & captivating search for balance!✨

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