Friday, March 7, 2014


(Vault #1)
by Anne Lange
ARC review
Published: January 14th, 2014, Etopia Press

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

After seven years of marriage, Tyler is as much in love with his wife as ever, but he has always been a little more openminded in his sexuality. When his wife Angela recently let it slip she had some fantasies that included a menage, he wasted no time trying to make some of his wife's fantasies come true. But realizing it is a big step from fantasy to reality, he was going to be very careful with his approach.

The first reaction Connor has when his best friend, Tyler asks him to get involved in a threesome with Tyler and his wife, is disbelief. Sure, he and Tyler have enjoyed women together back in their college days, but Tyler's wife has never even met him yet. Under a guise he is able to observe Angela and approach her and is very pleasantly surprised at her receptive nature. She certainly has him fired up.

When Angela finds out her husband manipulated her into exploring her fantasies with a man who turns out to be Tyler's best friend, she quickly gets over her ruffled feathers and heats up to the idea of making her fantasy of a threesome reality. The fact that Connor is her husband's best friend and trusts him makes her feel safe in their hands and they soon prove that together they can make her fly.

At the time Tyler orchestrated this threesome, he never let on that he had hopes for a more permanent arrangement, so when Connor and Angela started developing feelings for each other, he could not have been happier. But the reality of moving forward in a menage relationship is far more complex than the three of them......there is an entire intolerant world out there.


Flame-retardant suits required!!!

Incredibly hot and decadently sensual book by Anne Lange, tackling the challenging issue of the freedom to enjoy love and sexuality in its many forms and varietions within the limitations and often judgemental parameters set by society. This will always be a hot button topic, at least here in North America and for the immediate future, which is why books like these remain important, not just because they allow for some exploration of one's own sexual fantasy life, but also because they might be helpful in opening some minds.

The characters are fairly clearly described, although we do not go into each of them very deeply. The context is mostly limited to their relationship and the exploration of their sexuality, but very little of their life outside. 

Interesting was the little peek we get of Tyler's background, who grew up in an unconventional family structure, making him more open to and appreciative of an alternative to a straightforward household. Although why that would have been kept a secret for so many years is not entirely clear to me. 

Neither Connor nor Angela have been exposed to permanent relationships other than the ones that involve two people only, and as such are more insecure about the possibilities of transforming their menage from a temporary diversion into a permanent commitment with all the complications it will bring.

The story an interesting topic for consideration, although it probably barely touches the daily impact such a relationship might have. Aside from that, it provides an excellent erotic read, full of exploration of sexual fantasies!

✨A deliciously indulgent and provocative novel!!✨

**ARC provided in return for an honest review.** Barnes&Noble


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