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(The One Series #2)
by Lena Nicole
ARC Review
Release: March 31, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

It was one year ago that Addison lost any recollection of the man she was supposed to marry. The man she had just been in an accident with that caused her to lose her memory. And although the physical scars had healed, her lost memories of Colin had never recovered. Now she is about to promise herself to Pierce - a man she had since met, who has given her a new perspective on life and whom she has fallen in love with - when in a flood of recognition, every memory, event, nuance and emotion suddenly returns to her.

Pierce recognizes the moment it happens, the moment when the promise of their blissful future is snatched away from them. Determined to fight for the love of his life, he is willing to step back to allow Addison to try and untangle the confusing emotions she is experiencing, but he is not stepping away. 

Colin's initial elation over Addision's recognition soon sobers, when she explains she cannot simply choose one over the other. She loves both and wants time with Colin and with Pierce so she can ultimately make the right decision. Having been given this unexpected second chance, there is nothing Colin won't do.

But placing two men in a holding pattern indefinitely, puts a strain on all involved, and before long it is causing a ripple effect with devastating consequences. Addison may well be playing with fire.....


A strong finale to an intriguing story! This is NOT a standalone book and should be read ONLY after reading the first book in the series, THE ONE LEFT BEHIND.

I asked for more pizzaz in my review for the first book, and by golly, I got it!! This part of the story definitely has more going on..... more intrigue, more passion, more 'fire'. And also more drama.... definitely more drama. But with that comes a question.... one that I have to be careful addressing without spoiling the plot. There is a very happy event pertaining to a surprise date involving a trip to LA, which was described in great detail, but had no real impact on the story. And on the other hand there was a hugely dramatic event, that has tremendous impact on the story as well as all of its characters, that gets only peripheral attention, no immediate aftermath, simply an 'after the fact' update. I found that........odd, in contrast. 

Other than that the characterizations were excellent. I enjoyed the slightly selfish edge to Addison, who is understandibly confused and uncertain of the validity of her feelings. Wanting to explore them over some time, to see what is real and what is perceived. However, she takes it a little too far, in that she doesn't think enough of the impact it has on the men it involves. There might have been ways for her to be a little more considerate and less self-absorbed. But then again, I can't truly hold it against her, she hasn't exactly been dealt the best of cards.

In my opinion, Pierce has been a prince. Both before and after Addison's memory recovery. That man has shown all kinds of patience and consideration with her and her situation, doing his best to win her over, but in a way that is not too confrontational and allowing for her to make decisions on her own. In my opinion he is the one who should at this point, have a sense of entitlement, and yet he doesn't display one, he seems more vested in what is best for Addison.

Colin does. He pushed very early on, and then withdrew. Now given another shot, he is almost too forward, without examening his true motivation other than that he still feels he has the first right. It's ironic how his involvement with Addison translates to pain for Pierce, but Pierce's involvement with Addision seems to spur anger in Colin. Colin doesn't have a clear picture of himself and would do well to spend some of this time figuring himself out.

The ladies of Lena Nicole have done a fabulous job adding in an aspect of suspence. I really enjoyed that trip on the 'dark' side, it gave the story a little more colour and depth. The flow was there, but could be a little smoother. Perhaps it is the fact that we have the three POVs, but at times it felt a slight bit choppy. 

The overall result is an absolute unique storyline, intelligently written by two very obviously talented women, who I look forward to reading much more from!!! 

✨A taunting and bitter-sweet dilemma.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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