Thursday, April 3, 2014


(Second Chances #4)
by Mari Carr
ARC Review
Release: May 13th, 2014, Samhain Publishing

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Lately, career-focused and workaholic lawyer, Kristen Grey has been feeling increasingly unsatisfied with her life. The law practice she has built up with her partner now a success, the long office hours and lonely nights are becoming less and less attractive. With her fortieth birthday around the corner, she lets drop at a New Year's gathering with her girlfriends that her resolution should be to find a husband before she turns the big four oh....

When her law-partner, and thorn in her side, Jason Mitchell, finds out about her plan, it doesn't take him long to remind her of an alcohol-induced contract they both signed on a cocktail napkin years ago. A deal where, if neither had found their match by the time they turned forty, they would marry each other. Jason himself had slowed down his philandering ways, craving some more stability, and they agree to help each other find good dating prospects.

While attempting to find each other the right match, Jason and Kristen start looking more closely at the person they have worked with for over a decade and discover they are learning new things every day. Suddenly there is an attraction that was  never there before and once it is unleashed, there is no turning it back. Perhaps their back-up plan should be given some closer consideration......


Deliciously fun and fabulous read!! 

First off I have to say I love this series. Second Chances is about a group of women who get together regularly, they sit around on a New Years Eve, discussing their hopes and dreams for the coming year. Each book in the series follows one of the women on their path. It means the books mostly run concurrently, and although the characters might appear in any or all of them, each book remains a standalone novel. THE BACK-UP PLAN is Kristen's story.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read a book that is NOT about someone fresh out of college, but instead about a more mature woman who has been driven to pursue a career and forfeited a serious relationship for the sake of her work. Not the romantic choice, but then Kristen is not a romantic. Not at all. In fact, when she starts her quest to look for a husband, at best she is looking for companionship. She is happy with her collection of vibrators (yes, collection!) and simply wants someone to chase away the loneliness without expectations of love, romance or hot sex. 

Enter Jason, who his entire life thus far (more or less), has made it an art to indulge in the 'good times'. A tease, a flirt, a good-natured bachelor, not really someone who takes life too seriously. But although he is looking to settle down some, his first instinct is still to go after the same type of woman he is accustomed to have his 'flings' with. Except, when he sees what and who Kristen has been hiding underneath that stuffy and stiff office exterior, everyone else pales in comparison. 

Their abrassive interactions turn into an explosive match-up, that blows any and all expectations each had of the other completely out of the water. 

I love the concept of this entire series by Mari Carr, basing it from one and the same event and following the different threads from there....reconnecting the original characters from time to time, touching base to see where everyone is at in their lives. The love scenes in this book are so enjoyable, as scorching hot as ever, but with a lightness and a mature ease, a touch of humour and a sense of self-awareness that is incredibly appealing! 

Although highly recommended for anyone, I have a feeling that women who have seen a bit more of life, will perhaps find a tad more connective tissue with this book!!

✨A sizzling, spirited and stimulating agreement.✨

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