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(Bantorus MC #5)
by Debra Kayn
ARC Review
Release: April 28, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 ⭐️

Seven years ago Kurt Ramchett bought a building in Federal, as well as an abandoned mining compound just outside of it. The plan had been for the young Bantorus MC member, to grow in seniority and build a new chapter in the Bitterroot Mountains when the time was right. Thirty-five and ready to lead the new Federal Charter as president, Kurt sets out with a small contingent of Bantorus members, only to find that his building, which should have been vacated, is being used as the place of business for the Silver Girls, a group of strippers under leadership of the gorgeous but unshakeable Risa.

Having grown up the daughter of a whore right here in Federal, branded Risa with a reputation before she was even able to walk. Cursed with a history she was not responsible for, Risa is determined to build a reputation of her own. One that does not involve spreading her legs for any man willing to pay. Instead, she and her girls put on a good show that is all about looking, but no touching allowed. When the big brute bikers walk into her establishment and threaten to take ownership, she sees all her best-laid plans turn to dust. She is going to have to fight hard to stay out her contract. Regardless of the owner's dominant ways.

After Kurt's initial irritation, having to adapt his plans for the building in Federal, he finds himself taken with the fiery, strong-willed and luscious Risa. A woman who is not afraid to play hardball when needed, but carefully conceals a vulnerable side he only catches glimpses of now and then. Taking on the responsibility of a new charter, building new business connections for his arms deals, and now taking on a woman he is starting to care for, along with her girls has him stretched to the limit. Especially with Los Li never far away to try and hit the Bantorus MC at their weakest areas. 


YOWZA!!! A fresh new start!! A fan-FREAKIN-tastic one!!

My favorite Bantorus MC book yet! Somehow Debra Kayn has outdone herself with this one. Perhaps it is the obvious love she has for her new home at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains, where she relocated last summer. Her new generation Bantorus MC is based in a town similar to the one where Debra herself lives, and she has the pictures to prove it! All you have to do is go to her author page on Facebook to see what I mean. Her own experiences woven into the story, her love for the history of the town and the atmosphere come across so strongly, it permeates the story. 

However, I never felt I was reading anything other than a Bantorus MC book, with all of its recognizable characters still there, simply a bit older. This is the new generation. Kurt, whom we still know as a teenager, is now a bona fide 'man'. Still a fighter, given a chance, but one with a huge heart, and a great sense of family love and loyalty. He has an inate need to make life better for those he loves.

Risa, of course, is new to us, as are her girls. A proud woman, who feels she lives in the shame her prostituting mother put on her. A mother who ended up in jail for murder, but whom she still visits, despite the less than attentive reception she gets. All out of a sense of duty on Risa's part. That's how focused she is on doing the 'right' thing, as opposed to doing what is 'right' for HER. 

But Kurt knows...... He is perfect for Risa, with his character traits of wanting to do right by his loved ones, on top of his dominating character. Risa doesn't stand a chance at holding him off. Their chemistry is off the charts HOT and they demonstrate that everywhere, in bed, on the couch, against the wall, on a desk....... EVERYWHERE. 

With the new town, the new charter, the new generation I am PUMPED for the new stories that are coming our way. HANDS DOWN five star read!!! 

✨Hard man, cut body, hot hands, dirty words, soft lips......all Kurt!!✨

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