Sunday, April 20, 2014


(Playing For Hearts #5)
by Debra Kayn
ARC Review
Release: April 21, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Training for what she is planning to be her last Iron Man, triathlete Crista Johnson is looking forward to spending some time with her long time friend Bruce when he comes to spend his two weeks' vacation with her. In the meantime she'll have to fend off her annoyingly perfect supermodel neightbor, Janelle, who does nothing but criticize and belittle her. She'd rather not have her time with Bruce wasted with that nasty piece of work spoiling their two weeks.

When pro-bass fisherman, Bruce Coldwell arrives at Crista's appartment and bumps into her hot as hell neighbor, it is instant lust. The notorious womanizer has been without physical release for too long and he can see his two weeks' leave from the circuit shaping up nicely if he can relieve some of his pent up energy with the delectable Janelle. But given that the lady has a penchant for unavailable men, he is going to need Crista's cooperation.

Recognizing there is no stopping Bruce when his mind is set on something, Crista relents and agrees to pose as his lover to reel in Janelle. But when the ploy results in nibbles for Crista herself, Bruce finds he is more concerned about rescuing Crista's virtue than he is about spoiling Janelle's. The thought of another man with his Crista is not something that sits well with him.....


A sizzling little number!!! 

A fairly short novel writting in Debra Kayn's familiar style with a deliciously naughty bad boy with a golden heart, a no nonsense, no frills heroine and a chemistry that heats up the pages.....

Fun-loving Bruce is a love 'em and leave 'em bon vivant. His profession has him on the road travelling almost constantly and his lifestyle reflects that, but lately he has been thinking about settling down some. The transient life and the nameless, faceless bodies in his bed every night is becoming old. When the truth of what has been in front of him hits him, it hits him hard.

The more serious and consciencious Crista has always focused more on her training, her sport, than playing around. The physical demands require a very strict regimen and a relationship, or even frequent one night stands just don't fit into that. Besides, she has always been seen as more 'one of the guys' than a romantic interest. At least, that's what she thinks.

Their perception of the other is broken through in one instant, surprisingly, leaving them slightly stunned by the impact. The resulting fire that ignites is beyond expectations.

✨A fast, fun and fiery hot read!!✨

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