Saturday, April 5, 2014

TAP OUT by Michele Mannon

(Worth The Fight #2)
by Michele Mannon
ARC Review
Release: April 14, 2014, Carina Press

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

An unfortunate accident at the last MMA bout Sophie Morelle was present at, cost her her job as provocative late night host of a tv-show. Determined to get her job back, she hatches a plan to film an inside documentary on MMA fighters as they prepare for one of the bigger tournaments scheduled in Vegas. One problem; the main focus of her project is the same man who was the victim in that unfortunate accident, as well as responsible for the loss of her job........ 

Trying to make a come-back as number one MMA fighter, Caden Kelly can handle the ribbing from the other fighters over the billboards sporting lifesized ads of him modeling underwear. What was harder to handle was the shock of seeing that annoying reporter who had knocked him out with a camera and almost sidetracked his return to the cage. He is not sure what she hopes to find, but from experience he'd say she likely brings trouble with her.

Getting stuck on a rattling old bus with a bunch of hostile testosterone-loaded mega sized men, is not Sophie's idea of fun, but she has to find a way in to the group's good graces to get her story. Even if Jerry, their sleezeball promoter, seems more eager than most to dump her out the window. But no one surprises her more than Caden, who seems to have thrown himself up as her protector, especially after finding out Sophie discovers more than just fighting is being promoted.

Sophie's desperation to get this documentary made and her job back as well as her journalistic curiousity, have her getting into more trouble than Caden is able to keep up with. She simply drives him crazy, in more ways than one.....


Fantastic fun romp with lots of action, spunk and sizzle!!

Another solid score for Michele Manon in her Worth The Fight Series. A standalone novel, TAP OUT picks up on an incident from the previous book and uses that as a starting point for this novel. It really isn't necessary to read book one in order to get the full scope of this story. 

I love Michele's characters who are far from perfect, but human and fallible and therefore come across as real and approachable. Sophie is plucky and has an air of professional arrogance, but underneath remains a insecure teen who never quite got over her hometown's rejection. She has worked and fought her way up as a journalist and is devastated to see it all fall apart as the result of a simple accident for which everyone seems to blame her. Story of her life! 

Caden is another one who show a totally different side of himself to the outside world. Presenting as a pretty playboy, he hides the hardened street fighter that lingers underneath. He too came through the ranks, so to speak, to get where he is, but his life took a harsher path than what the world perceives. He uses that misconception to his advantage and allows his opponents to underestimate his resolve.

The initial conflict between these two already hints at the underlying chemistry between them, and once the antagonistic barrier is broken and the first touch is made, the fire ignites in earnest. Although trust is not easy to part with for either of them, their bodies seem to have no issue whatsoever communicating!
A combustible couple in every sense of the word!!

A good mystery plot meanders through the entire story, providing action and suspense and we have some amusing secondary characters who inject a shot of humour here and there. A highly entertaining Full-Service read!!

✨A violent, voluptuous and vibrant tangle!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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