Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ALL FIRED UP by Vivian Arend & Elle Kennedy

(DreamMakers Trilogy #1)
by Vivian Arend & Elle Kennedy
ARC Review
Release: April 22, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

When Parker Wilson and his two good friends, Jack and Dean, started up their business three years ago after finishing their time in Special Ops, he never expected their special date sourcing service to be such a success. It might seem quite a change in career, but really it is all about the intelligence gathering, whether planning an operation, or a successful romantic date. Although the guys all like to live large and loose, they follow strict rules when it comes to their business. One of those is no fraternizing with the clients or the subject of their potential dates, but when Parker does some recon on a woman named Lynn Davidson, he has a hard time remembering his name, let alone any rules.

Settled in a life that is all but exciting, Lynn Davidson is not one to rock the boat. Her best friend Suze is the one who spices up her life with her outrageous stories and experiences, but Lynn herself is more middle of the road, in a relationship she knows is going nowhere with a guy she isn't sure she even likes all that much. When she finds out he wasn't quite on the up and up with her, it doesn't even make her blink to call it quits. She has barely told him goodbye when delicious Parker Wilson and co come sidling up to her and show her she is way too young and too alive to start settling.

A impulsive night that blows all boundaries and barriers out of the water, ends with Lynn slightly rumpled but completely sated, and with the prospect of more time with the tempting ex-Ranger. With her libido now wide awake at the very skilled hands of Parker, Lynn quickly gets drawn into a steamy relationship. Unfortunately, some folks just don't know how to take no for an answer, and will do anything to ruin someone else's happiness......


HOOAH!! All kinds of tall, ripped and sexy in here!!

Already a fan of both Elle Kennedy and Vivian Arend, it is no surprise I snatched up this copy when I saw the two had collaborated on a three-book series. Just the concept of three rough and tumble ex-Rangers, fresh from the front lines, coming back home to start an abbreviated romantic dating service was enough to peak my interest! So many direction my slightly dirty mind wanted to travel in......and IT was not disappointed!!

What is pretty clear from the start is that the three 'amigos' are pretty liberal when it comes to their sexual adventures, well-versed in pleasing the ladies and not too selective about sharing their talents, nor are they afraid to double up or tag team when the opportunity arises.

When it comes to the somewhat shy and sheltered Lynn, however, once she lets go of her inhibitions and her true passion comes out, it turns out that Parker develops a more singular taste. Suddenly not so eager to share himself OR his object of affection. 

The playful banter between the "boys" of DreamMaker, as well as the things that come out the the mouth of the outrageous friend Suze, are highly entertaining. Paired with a slimy ex with nefarious intent, a hilarious middle-aged drill-sergeant secretary and copious amounts of delectable, raunchy and sizzling hot sex, makes this a great fun and steamy read!!

A Salty, vivacious and raunchy taste of romance.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review**

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