Friday, April 4, 2014

PERCEPTION by Nicole Edwards

(Club Destiny #6)
by Nicole Edwards
Released: April 1, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Growing up, Mercedes Bryant had vowed never to bow down again - so as soon as she was able, she took control. Control in her independent real estate career, as well as control in her sex life as a Domme. The only only Alpha males she welcomed in her personal life, were safely relegated in the box labeled "friends", and any romantic thoughts she might have ever entertained about a certain developer, were shoved to the far recesses of her heart. Mercedes will not give in. She can't.

For about a decade, property developer Xander Boone has worked and been friends with Mercedes. They have a common business interest as well as similar personal interests, but unfortunately they both like to be in charge. So despite the fact that Xander has wanted Mercedes as his for as long as he's known her - he also knows that it will take a lot to get her to succumb to him. When he is presented with an opportunity to show her what they could be like together, he jumps at the chance.

Convinced Mercedes hides a need only he can fill, Xander know just how to draw her out in the form of a challenge. Something Mercedes can't resist, although she very rapidly discovers that she may have bit off more than she can handle. Xander is able to expose an entirely new side of her, and she can't say that makes her happy.


Blistering hot AND insightful!!

This book was a little bit tamer and less dramatic for me than what Nicole Edwards has exposed us to before. However, the topic at hand a very interesting one and extremely well worked through. One of the most important commodities in BDSM aside from trust, is control or power - and this story revolves around the superficial observation that in a D/s relationship, the Dom holds all the power. Yet when the number one priority - trust - is in place, the division of power looks a lot different....

Mercedes is herself a tough taskmaster and cannot imagine letting herself be that vulnerable in someone else's hands. It reeks of weakness to her and that is one thing she is determined never to be or become. It takes the Dom in Xander a lot of patience and restraint, as well as a deep knowledge of who he has before him, to be able to even scratch the surface of the battle-ready Mercedes. In this process of power exchange all the walls have to come down, all vulnerability exposed - even Xander's.

Great strong and mature characters. Beautifully descriptive and deliciously wicked erotic scenes. Other than the developing relationship there was not a whole lot going on in the background in terms of supporting story. Snippets here and there of how the previous couples were faring and introductions to new characters that I am sure we will see in the future. But not an entire subplot on which the romance rested. It truly was solely about the development of a long term friendship into something more. 

Very well written, and I expect nothing less from someone who has become so established in so relatively short a period of time as Nicole Edwards. I do not hesitate picking up anything by her hand, I know it is quality!

✨A fiery, irresistible and luscious battle of wills.✨

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