Tuesday, April 29, 2014


(Searching For #2)
by Jennifer Probst
ARC Review
Release; April 29, 2014, Gallery Books

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

When three college friends started their matchmaking agency, Kinnections, they never anticipated it becoming such a success. Their regular speed-dating events had become quite popular. That is where Kennedy Ashe, one of Kinnections' owners and the social director, bumps into Nate Dunkle, romance disaster on two legs and Kennedy's new "project".

A veritable rocket scientist - sorry, aerospace engineer - Nate is on a quest to find himself a suitable wife and mother for his children. He means well but has obviously never learned the value of a first impression. Something Kennedy is determined to change. There has to be a shiny diamond underneath all those rough edges!

What she didn't count on was that despite her own terribe track-record with relationships - she simply didn't 'do' them - She felt herself becoming more and more attached to the very straight-forward and direct scientist. The first man ever who seemed to be able to see right through all the carefully manicured and constructed layers she cloaked herself in. Damn, after all these years of hard work to polish herself up, could she afford to let her messy emotions run away from her??


A very cute, endearing and entertaining second installment of the Searching For Series. Each is a standalone novel, but with recurring characters centering around the Kinnections matchmaking agency. This one a bit predictable in trope, but with Jennifer Probst writing, it still is a worthwhile novel.

Kennedy is a tightly controlled emotional mess. Outwardly very 'put-together', she gives off an air of total containment, but in reality it is a desperate attempt to reign in all her otherwise free-flowing insecurities, left over from a rather painfully unresolved childhood. Vulnerability is enemy number one in Kennedy's books, which is exactly why she is never allowing anything closer than fleeting sexual engagements, and why dealing with Nate disturbs her to the core.

Not really having had the benefit of a reliable female in his upbringing, Nate has mostly trusted his older brother for guidance. However, unlike his brother, Nate has not written off the entire female population as untrustworthy, but simply lacks the finer skills required for a gentler approach. He does have a keen, no-nonsense instinct, knows what he wants when he sees it, and makes no bones about going after it. Kennedy is able to wake up his natural intuition, but isn't quite prepared when he tunes in on her.

Jennifer Probst describes a fun cast of supporting characters, the most colourful one being Connor, Nate's older brother, who could be safely described as the biggest male chauvenist pig walking around on two legs..... although I am sure his knuckles are dragging on the ground!! The confusion he creates when spouting off his 'vast experience' in Nate's direction and Nate's' resulting bewilderment is super funny. The way Kennedy is able to calmly knock him down a peg or two with a gentle smile on her face is "killing with kindness" at its best! Great banter scenes!

A delicious alpha male uncovered in Nate, once the clothes come off, makes for a spicy hot diversion as well! 

All in all a fun rainy day read, leaving me with a feeling of satisfaction that you really can't always judge a book by its cover!!

✨A sharp, spunky and spicy love connection!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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