Sunday, April 20, 2014

PHENOMENAL X by Michelle A. Valentine

(Hard Knocks #1)
by Michelle A. Valentine
ARC Review
Release: April 22, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

After twenty one years of following the rules, Anna Cortez finally finds the courage to defy her father's wishes and flies off to Detroit to stay with her much more liberal aunt and cousin. Scared and excited with the prospect of starting a new life of her own design, she settles into her economy seat. But a slight mishap has the gorgeous man with the pretty eyes in first class offer her the seat next to him. Having lived in a very controlled and protected environment, Anna has no clue she has caught the eye of professional wrestling superstar, Phenomenal X.

It isn't often that Xavier Cold returns to the city he grew up in. He doesn't have very many good memories, although there are some good people in Detroit he likes to visit whenever he is back in town. A week off before he is back on with the wrestling tour and then the drive for the championship. A week he wouldn't mind spending with the gorgeous little brunette he manipulated in the seat next to him, but he knows she is not that kind of girl and he is not about to ruin her.

The attraction is almost instant but their boundaries are clear. Xavier needs an assistant and Anna needs a job, so friendship is as far as this will go. But if the week they spent getting to know each other as 'friends' wasn't enough temptation, finding themselves assigned to one and the same hotelroom due to a booking issue, was sure to push them right over the edge!!


Bad news is.... It's a CLIFFY!!! Good news is....There is MORE COMING!!! Yes, this is only the first book and it is open-ended, HOWEVER, it is a semi-happy ending, with a clilff-hanger twist. I know it doesn't make sense now, but if you just go out and read it, you will know exactly what I'm talking about!!

Solid writing by Michelle Valentine with an A+ for the voice of Xavier, who is sexy as sin... and can use me as his ring 'girl' any. day. of. the. week!

There were so many things I loved about Xavier. He was a big bada$$ on the outside, yet determined not to corrupt Anna, and with a soft spot a mile wide for the people who took him in when he was younger. Although he did not believe he had it in him, he showed evidence of his good character all the time. But the restraint only lasts so long, temptation ends up winning after all and once that dam is broken there is no turning back for Xavier.

Naive is a good description for Anna. And considering she hasn't been exposed to much, nor has she been away from the protection of her family, she seems to be taking some pretty careless risks. She must have tremendous faith in her instincts to take up with a notorious womanizer of questionable repute and leave the safety of family behind. Especially after her trust was already broken once. Anna was a little too meek for me, I like a bit more bite, but she is young, she might learn yet.

The heat between these two, once released is pretty intense, and even 'innocent' Anna seems to become unleashed. But there is no lack of romance either, in a very abrupt and alpha way, with occasional bouts of tenderness...... very yummy. 

So we wait with baited breath for the next book to come out.....and trust me, I will read it! I have a need to find out if Anna will 'grow some lady nuggets' and I desperately want to know what will happen next. I have a feeling we have not heard the last of Anna's family, or Xavier's enemies yet. A lot more story yet to be told!!

✨A touching, juicy and fiercely intense smackdown!✨

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