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BESIEGED by L.P. Lovell

(She Who Dares #1)
by L.P. Lovell
ARC Review
Released: February 14, 2014

My rating: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

Young privileged, and filthy rich business man, Theo Ellis is the quintessential playboy. Gorgeous, charming, and full of himself. He also screws everything on two legs with the right equipment, but never sticks around for seconds, and he's not used to hearing 'no', or being beaten at his own game. Until he bumps into a stunning redhead named Lilly.

Sollicitor, Lilly Parker, has vowed never to be controlled by a man again, so she controls them instead. She sees, she seduces and then she splits, no repeats. The moment she meets Theo Ellis, she is on to his game and turns it on to him, determined not to turn herself into a notch on his bedbost - no matter how devilishly handsome he is.

More intrigued than ever, Theo is determined to have the headstrong and fiery red beauty beneath him, her resistance working on him like a red flag. When he finds himself facing Lilly as representative for a firm he is doing business with, he doesn't hesitate using the opportunity to get closer to her and breaking down her resistance.

Fighting off Theo's advances is becoming more difficult with time, and Lilly finds herself slowly falling under his spell. Thinking she can manipulate the situation by taking control of the terms of their interactions, she miscalculates her growing feelings for him. When she realizes her mistake, it is too late, he has already started working on breaking down her carefully constructed protective walls.......


Holy!!! Party Central!

Well. Despite the fact that I had a hard time finding a connection with either protagonist (and I tried the entire book to find something, anything!), I think I understood them. Or at least the author's intent for them. L.P. Lovell does a good job painting these characters as the morally disconnected tweens, high on privileges, both in the financial and looks department, and unfettered by modesty, responsibilities or family. 

It's not the copious amounts of sex that makes them disconnected; it's the way they de-personalize and control their partners - or should I say subjects? There is a sense of entitlement they display that seems offensive to me. Something that I can't seem to quite get over. It doesn't help that they treat what they have with such little true appreciation, but rather flaunt it and abuse it. It reeks of a stunned emotional development, getting stuck somewhere in the middle teens, where one still believes the world truly does revolve around their axis.

L.P. Lovell creates an atmosphere that puts the spotlight on the shallow and essentially empty existence, regardless of how glamorous and exciting it might seem looking in. In her telling of the many and mindless sexual encounters with anonymous faces in fancy club bathrooms or high rise penthouses, it becomes obvious that underneath the layer of shiny veneer there is no
meaning to be found. No depth, no 'meat', no substance. And finally, when the right one comes along, sadly you find no credibility either......

I enjoyed the book. Had to get used to some of the terminology, for instance - stood instead of standing - and other instances like that one. I don't know if that is Brit slang, if so, I guess I should become familiar with it, for now it simply strikes me as 'wrong', but since it was consistent I assume it was intended. Being the daughter of an English teacher, I'm thinking that might not be that easy! 

Word of caution here..... there is a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER..... And NO, I did not know that and was pretty peeved to find out, since I am not a fan. Having said that, the book is an interesting read and definitely hot on the sex scale....MUY CALIENTE!!

A salty and salacious arousal of conscience.✨

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