Monday, April 28, 2014

FINDING US by Megan Smith

by Megan Smith
ARC Review
Released: April 22, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Growing up with controlling parents had Jasmine Jennings hightailing it for New York with her best friend Summer as soon as she could get away. At twenty-two, she is finally making some friends and building a life the way she wants it. What she is not looking for just yet, is a romantic entanglement, and dangerously sexy Knox Mitchell has trouble written all over him.

Five years ago, successful club owner Knox Mitchell lost almost everything worth living for. If not for his younger brother, he would have gladly thrown in the towel himself. Now all he dreamed of was to make those who took everything from him pay. But he hadn't counted on the one person pivotal to his plan of revenge to have such an effect on him.

There was no talking Knox out of his vengeful ideas, and although he tried hard to stick to his plan to have Jasmine fall for him, he couldn't prevent himself from falling for her just as hard. With the tables now turned, how will he be able to tell her the truth without breaking her heart......and his own?


Sweet and a little bit sad......

A well-written, fairly light, but sexy and touching story by Megan Smith. Outlining a newly forming group of friends I am sure we will see more of. There are some characters here that deserve their own stories.

In FINDING US, our main characters Jasmine and Knox are connected in ways that Jasmine at least, is unaware of. She grew up in a privileged setting, from a purely material point of view, but emotionally she was nurtured only by her nanny and mostly neglected by her own parents. She was, however, expected to conform to certain daughterly expectations. Tired of being seen as an asset instead of a person, she needs to find her own way in the world. Knox unwittingly gives her the key that allows her to unchain herself from her past.

Knox has merely been existing for the last years, since one moment in time ended the world as he knew it. He moves through his days his singular focus on retribution, barely acknowledging what happens around him. Lost to the world and to himself. As part of his retribution, Jasmine enters his focus, but slowly becomes his guide to the world around him, and ultimately to himself.

A standalone novel, with what looks to be a backdrop that will have some continuation. There are a few open ends that require closure, not necessarily in Knox and Jasmine's story, but the lives of some of their friends. I am sure they will get their turn in an upcoming novel!

✨A young, steamy and touching story of lost and found.✨

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