Thursday, April 24, 2014


(Pleasures #4)
by Evie Hunter
ARC Review
Release: April 24, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

A year ago Roz Spring, in the midst of one of her less than legal endeavours, was witness to a murder. Wanted by authorities as a witness and by the murderer to ensure her silence, she has been on the run every since. Of course she has been well-schooled, raised by a criminal father who is currently spending time at the tax-payers expense, when she and her twin-sister were separated at the tender age of four. Her sister raised in luxury, while Roz was hustled from place to place with barely enough to sustain her. But at least she had learned to keep a low profile, that is until a face she recognized all too well stopped her in her tracks.

For one year, Andy McTavish had been hot on the trail of one Roz O'Sullivan, sister to his boss' wife, and wanted for testimony at an important murder trial. Not many were aware that Andy came from a privileged background but had chosen a military life first, after which he had reverted to the security company he worked for now. The ultimate charmer, Andy had never been able to resist a beautiful woman, and he remembered the redhaired voluptuous beauty very well. But she isn't easy to convince of the need for protection, independent that she is.

Temporarily forced back to his homestead, Andy has no choice but to drag Roz along with him, where she is introduced to his family as his fiancee. As long as he can keep her hidden in his ancestral home, he is convinced he can keep her safe, however, Roz is not an easy woman to contain. Her resistance brings out the dominant side of him, but that seems to only stir up her rebellion. 

Not used to submitting to anyone, Roz continues to fight for the upper hand, only stirring up the fire flaring between them. But with more concerns than Andy is aware of, Roz has no choice but to try and draw her own plan. As much as she feels she can't depend on other people, there are people who depend on her and she cannot let them down. 

Outsmarted once again, this time Andy's heart is on the line and he is determined to find her before it is too late.


Very fun, very different and surprising, but super enjoyable read!

I have read the previous books in the Pleasures Series and this book hit me as being a little different. A little lighter, and more playful. Perhaps because the sexual tension and interplay was very much secondary to the intrigue that was playing out, so much so that I felt it almost didn't qualify as erotic, but more as a romantic suspense with a hint of kink. 

That is not to say it isn't a good book, it certainly is that. I very much enjoyed the characters, the interplay. The strong wills at battle with each other. But I didn't get the feeling that the characters changed a whole lot over the course of the story. Other than that they obviously fell for each other, of course. 

I loved Uncle Frankie, somewhat of an irreverent type of fellow. Everyone's favorite daredevil uncle, who can't quite be tied down but has a heart of gold. Also enjoyed Andy's parents, the almost typical Lord and Lady of the manor, slightly dusty and quirky, but entirely loveable and earthy. The entire atmosphere of the story was very well painted.

The one area that fell a little short in my opinion as compared to the previous novels, as mentioned before, was the erotic aspect. There was some BDSM play, some definite heated chemistry, but not the kind of connection I was expecting.

Nevertheless, a novel with a great amount of understated humour, some decent action, a great deal of intrigue and definite - albeit reluctant - romance!

✨A sharp, spirited and seductive read!✨

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