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THE WRONG WOMAN by Brenda J. Brown

by Brenda J. Brown
ARC Review
Released: April 17th, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

After the family business dragged Norah Rothe back to "hicksville" from pursuing her acting career in the big city, she had all but given up any hope of doing more than manning the coffee pot in her parents' 'establishment', cooking the books and single-handedly raising her two year old daughter. So when she overheard a chance discussion over a cuppa at one of her tables, discussing the need for an actress to fill a sudden void for a movie shoot on the edge of town, she swallowed down her nerves and took a leap.

When actor/director David Raurke took on this project, he had wanted to focus on directing, but the money men insisted he take on the lead as well. Already frustrated with the pressure to fulfill a dual role, he is now short an actress, with no quick solution. But when he is introduced to Norah and sees her talent in action, he realizes his film may turn out greater than he could have even imagined. Norah seems to have an impact on everything and everyone, especially David.

Accustomed to adoring fans and accomodating women, Norah was a breath of fresh air to David. He was immediately drawn to her and couldn't resist the attraction, when he discovered the feeling was mutual.

After initially being starstruck meeting such an accomplished actor, it didn't take Norah long to recognize the passionate and caring man underneath. A man she was able to enjoy and be herself with, at least while still in the relative safety of small town Canada.

But once the production moved from location back to New York, what would happen to their romance then? When newspapers and gossip rags got hold of the latest piece of juicy hollywood gossip? 


A delightful romance, full of sharp humour and witty repartee. 

Starting off as a sweet romantic fantasy come true, to have reality bring a brutal halt to the dreamy and almost surreal events and test the plausibility of a happy ending. I love that about this book. It could have ended with an easy HEA, most stories would....oh perhaps they would throw in some minor roadblock, but they would not put the entire dream up against the harsh truth. The Wrong Woman does and it's painful. It's mean, it's ugly, but it is probably very close to what real life might dish out.

I really enjoyed the sllightly more mature timbre of this story. Despite the often self-indulgent industry depicted, Brenda J. Brown was able to portray both main characters as the age appropriate, mostly reasonable adults they are. So often you see the described interaction descend into the behaviour of horny teenager lacking any social skills or common sense, but not so here. 

The sharp and witty banter, peppered througout the story, is not of a slapstick variety, but appeals to those who enjoy a level of mild sarcasm and clever humour. Even the descriptive and at times steaming hot sex scenes are at times lightened by a good zinger and some healthy laughter. All this serves to give the story even more charm and credibility for me, as sometimes the romantic intensity of sex scenes, although highly enticing, would have me squirming for some kind of release....and I don't mean only in the form of an orgasm.

I loved the choice of locations, small town Canada is something I can relate to, being Canadian. The mention of the Granville Island Market in Vancouver was particularly neat, having been there myself and having loved that place with its quirky little shops, oodles of arts and crafts, and awesome restaurants right under the bridge. Great memories with my friend Katie.

✨A strong novel, well-written with heart, humour and a hint of intrigue.✨

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