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SPURS & STILETTO'S by Ashley Johnson (review by KimberlyIndy)

Today's review of Spurs & Stilettos was prepared for you by guest reviewer KimberlyIndy. You will undoubtedly see more of Kimberly's reviews in the future!

by Ashley Johnson
Released: December 8, 2013

I give Spurs & Stilettos: 3.5 of 5 ⭐️

Spurs & Stilettos is a contemporary romance.  Hope was in a horrible accident that resulted in the loss of her sister and 2 years later; she is still trying to move on.  She is afraid of losing anyone else in her life and moving forward that she stays in a relationship longer than she should have. She catches her fiancĂ© in a betraying act and heads out to the rodeo with her best friend Amber. At the rodeo she meets Wesley, who is a 2 time champion and he is smitten with her immediately. Wesley begins to court Hope, but she has some demons to slay before she can truly move on and be the person she feels Wesley deserves, and the person she wants to be again before the accident.

Overall I enjoyed Spurs & Stilettos; I thought the characters were warm, likeable, and realistic for the most part.  I think there was potential for it to have been two stories or condensed a little, and I was a little disappointed in the epilogue; I felt cheated out of Amber’s story. I think there were predictable parts, but Johnson managed to surprise me a few times. I felt like there were questions asked multiple times, but never really answered such as how did Wesley know where Hope worked? I thought Johnson did a great job of showing how much best friends really do watch out for each and help each other out no questions asked. Sometimes the chemistry between Wesley and Hope was smoking HOT and sometimes it felt a little forced.  I did feel vested in the characters and wanted them to get their HEA.
Ashley Johnson is a new to me author and a fairly new author, and I think she has a style that will only get better with each book. 
If you like a story that will tug at your heart, make you cry, laugh, cheer, and fan yourself, you will enjoy Spurs & Stilettos!

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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