Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NOTORIOUS by Allison Brennan

(Max Revere Novels #1)
by Allison Brennan 
Release: March 25, 2014, 

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️

Not excited about the prospect of facing her somewhat dysfunctional family, Maxine is on her way home at the request of the sister of her once best friend Kevin, to attend his funeral. Her family had never understood her dedication to take on unsolved murders, long cast aside by police, in order to give some closure to the families. Had made it her career as an investigative reporter and now host of a TV-crime show. They couldn't grasp the depth of her own feelings of impotence when not just one, but two good friends were lost to unsolved crimes many years ago.

Kevin's death had been ruled a suicide, something his sister did not feel at peace with. And despite his unwavering claim of innocence for the murder of their murdered high school friend for which he was charged and later released, his life had been far from easy as a result and Max felt compelled to unearth the truth about that night, once and for all. But in doing so, she knew she would be stirring up the dust and her family for one, would not be grateful.

When at the airport, an older couple recognizes her and convinces her to look into yet another murder at her old high school, but this one only six months ago, Max can't resist the call. Now pulled into two separate cold cases, she encounters detective Nick Santini, who initially is reluctantly willing to work together with Max, but has second thoughts when he discovers her rather 'reckless' methods of investigation. 

Unencumbered by rules and regulations, Max manages to uncover a slew of leads that not only seem indicate some sort of connection between the crimes, but also manage to aggravate and attract Nick Santini. But when the investigation cuts a little too close to the truth, and Max becomes subject to threats and danger, Nick is determined not to have anything happen to her.


Excellent thriller by Allison Brennan!!

Very tight and clever plot, with small clues sprinkled through the story, only recognizable as such once the full scope is revealed. Intricate web of threads and connections, all serving to detract and distract from the main vein of the plotline. 

An interesting and varied crew of characters, some of whom very surprising once completely revealed. 

Maxine, our main protagonist comes fully supplied with background and a complete context, leaving no room for uncertainty when it comes to her character. The why, the when, the how, the what....it is all meted out and the result is an almost fearless, single-minded crusader and  kick-a$$ woman, who devotes her life to making sure the victims and their families are not forgotten. Her focus is such, that concern for her own well-being, her own social life, her own future, has become all but non-existent. 

Max has a few people in her life, who look out for her, even if she doesn't look out for herself. Or perhaps, because she doesn't. One is her bodyguard, and the other the producer of her show. 
In this book she also has Nick Santini, who plays an important role here, and certainly seems to be a love interest, but I am not sure if that will carry over into future books, since Nick has some baggage that is rather permanently tied to him.

I devoured the book, beginning to end, loving the style of writing and the tight suspense and intrigue evident from the start. What I missed, other than a few mere glimpses, was the development of a personal connection. There was romantic tension, absolutely, but other than a stolen kiss in the midst of chaos, I'm pegging this book as a suspense thriller, not creating expectations for a fulfilling romance.  It is a thrilling read and I can't wait for the next one!

✨A chilling, tangled and fierce juncture.✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**

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