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ARCHER by Debra Kayn

ARCHER (A Hard Body Novel) by Debra Kayn
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To Be Published:  July 2nd 2013, Forever Yours
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Four years she had given up to this excuse for a man. Jane Beaumont could still not get over the fact that she had let someone treat her so badly, that she had been drawn into that kind of life. But she got away.....eventually....with her cat, some of her clothes, his guns and a nice chunk of his change. Serves him right. She drove like the devil was on her heels, and he probably was, all the way back home to Bay City, Oregon, where her brother runs an auto body shop alongside a private investigation firm. Weird combination, but the P.I. firm was started by her brother, his best friend Kage Archer and two other buddies, located right behind the Beaumont Body Shop, which used to belong to their father, but was now operated by the guys as well and provides a great front.

Jane is back, and she is working and hiding out in the garage during the day and hanging at home with her brother at night. She hasn't come completely clean about all the abuse she suffered at her ex's hands, because she is afraid of what the guys might do if they were to find out. In particular Kage, who has always had a protective streak a mile wide, when it comes to her. The idea that he, or her brother, would do something to get hurt or in trouble over for her, is something she could not bear to live with. So she'll just keep it to herself.

When it becomes clear that her ex is not about to give up on her, all protective genes of the men in her circle jump to immediate attention and she is whisked off to Kage's house, where he can look after her 'properly'. Jane is not to sure about this, years ago when she made a move on Kage he was pretty clear he wanted nothing to do with her, but he hasn't lost his effect on her and being in close quarters with him is going to mess with her head. Other than the fact that she doesnt appreciate being ordered about, again, she doesn't know if she can handle being around Kage and keep her heart out of it.

Kage had his reasons for turning down Janie when she was only seventeen and there was nothing he would've liked to do more than kiss her. Now that she is back, however, and he has control over the shadows of his past, he is not going to let anything happen to her. Even if it means he has to face some demons of his own in order to keep Ali safe. He will do anything for her...........except let her go!!

Wow....what a fantastic start to a new series! The scene is set, the characters are in place, the atmosphere is right........I want more!!!!!

Janie has moulded herself into someone she needed to be to survive..... alert, fearful, suspicious, questioning, calculating and distrustful. This isn't who she really is at the core and the longer she spends outside of the negative influence of her ex, the more of the real Janie we get to see. But the confused struggle of Janie's fake and real responses to things happening around her, can come across as flippant at times, if you don't take a minute to consider her internal turmoil.
Kage has the patience of a saint. Somehow, with his dark history.....or maybe because of it....he sees right through the, at times, erratic behaviour of Janie, and he just hangs on in support. Despite his flammable temper and his Alpha male scruff and buff exterior, the waters inside this man run deep.

Dangerous, smouldering and compelling new Debra Kayn read!!!

Here is a little taste of what is in store for you....... 


"Her gaze lifted. His jaw ticked. Shed done everything wrong from day one. Going to college meant spreading her wings, and she not only flew, she’d gotten far away from who she was and then latched on to the first person who made her feel good about herself.
Kage tensed, letting his protectiveness show. She laid her hands on top of his. There was nothing you couldve done.
I couldve saved you, he muttered.
She smiled sadly. He had no idea how much she wanted to go back and do the right thing, to call him or Garrett the first time she suspected Scott was not a real estate broker but doing something illegal, but it was too late. “Lets not talk about it anymore.
Okay. I’ll leave it alone for now. Kage paused as the waitress brought two beers and set them on the counter. He watched her leavethen said, From now on, youre with me twenty-four/seven.
What? She shook her head. Thats not necessary. I’m staying at the house, and—
I’m not going to argue with you. Its done. He picked up his mug. Garretts agreed.
Oh, no, you are not staying with me. She tried to extract herself from between his legs, but he refused to let her go. I cant be around you.
What he was telling her was impossible. Garrett could watch out for her. She worked at night. Shed stayed safe for the past three weeks. Scott hadnt called or found her. If Kage stayed with them at the house, shed do something stupid.
Really, Kage. You need to stay far, far away from me. For your own safety.” She squeezed his hand. Please.
His eyes went soft and he flashed a grin. Her stomach fluttered. She couldnt even sit beside him without melting.
Im serious. She raked her teeth over her bottom lip.
He kept looking at her in amusement, his smile growing bigger. Me too.
Damn him. He wasnt taking her seriously. She was only entertaining him. Youll see. Ill destroy everything.
Baby, get this. Im not telling you no this time. You got it? he said.
Heat rushed to her cheeks as she remembered the last time he’d denied her. His gaze softened and she swallowed, overcome with the power and acceptance radiating off him. Her sex pulsed and dampened at what he was implying would happen between them if she let it.
Itll never happen.
His gaze intensified. Itll happen.
I wont let it.
He hovered within an inch of her mouth. Its already happened. Now you know. Deal with it.
Never. Garrett wont let you stay after I talk to him. Hes my brother. Family trumps best friends. She held on to the bar, pulled her legs out and over the top of Kages, and jumped to the floor.
Moving before he could catch her, she hurried across the room and straight to Garrett. There was no way anyone was going to tell her how to live. She was done with that crap. She hadnt fought her way out of one situation only to end up in another one she didnt want or need.
Garrett leaned against the pool table, a pool stick in his hand, lining up a shot to the corner pocket. She grabbed a cue off the rack, pushed her way between her brother and the table, and held the stick in front of her, while she backed Garrett away from his game.
Hey! Garrett straightened. What the hell are you doing, sis?
Men at the other pool table moved forward. Several catcalls came over the noise from the bar. She ignored them all.
Tell him. She pointed the stick across the room. Lance and Tony drew closer, grinning like two fools. She disregarded their amusement and concentrated on her brother. Tell him he is not staying with us.
Garrett planted the end of his pool stick on the ground between his feet. Hes not.
Relief swept through her. At least her brother still had some common sense left in his head.
She sagged in relief, letting Garrett take the pool cue from her. Good. I knew you wouldnt allow him to push—
Youre staying at his house, Garrett said, tossing the stick to Tony.
Her heart skipped a beat and she recoiled. What?
Garrett moved around her and lined up his shot. We decided the safest place for you to be is away from our house. Scott knows where to look for you, and he doesnt know where Kage lives. Youll be safer there. Hes the best and he can protect you, sis. You know that.
No… She shook her head, unable to stop her hands from shaking.
Garrett looked up from the table at her. Do it for Kage, sis. It was either let him take care of you or kill Scott.
She squeezed her eyes closed and swallowed hard before looking across the room. Kage sat watching her, intense and ready to pounce.
Garrett moved closeHes hurting. You shouldve seen him, sis. He went crazy when I told him, and you know he never loses control. Let him take care of you. Let him do what he needs to do to keep you safe.
Ill only hurt him more. Im no good for him. My association with Scott is going to drag Kage down. You know hes sworn to stay far away from any kind of trouble, and youre just asking for Scott to walk right up to his door and knock. We both know if that happens, he will answer, she whispered, without taking her gaze away from Kage.
Kage has his reasons. Garrett lowered his voice. Its a done deal. Youll stay with him until this business with Carson is over, and we know youre safe.

She didnt know how long she stood there, but when Kage lifted his chin and mouthed,Come here,” and pointed at the food hed ordered for her, she returned to his side. Shed never let anyone she loved get hurt on account of her. She rubbed her hands over her hips, nervous about staying with him. Around Kage, she became distracted, and she couldnt lose sight of why shed come home."

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