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Just as Genevieve finally started to enjoy her life again, with the success of her coffee shop 'Sweet Seduction' and the final termination of a bad relationship, a letter appears, threatening to upend her life once again.
When visiting her lawyer's office, she bumps into Dominic, who turns out to be one of the law firm's senior partners. Dominic takes an interest in her case......and Genevieve.

Heavily in debt to unsavoury characters and obsessed with Gen, her ex-boyfriend will not let up his continued attempts to get her back in his force if need be. When Gen is taken from her house, Dominic steps in and settles her into his place. Dominic, together with his brother's investigative firm, do everything in their power to keep Genevieve safe, but she does not always make that easy. Things heat up between the two when Dominic claims her as 'his' in short order, even though Genevieve has a hard time adjusting to everything that is happening around her and does her best to keep from falling for him.......hard.
Then the gunfire starts, people are getting hurt and things really get out of hand.......and it takes a virtual army of hot guys, and a very determined coffee shop owner, to ensure a happy end.

I had no idea when I downloaded this book, that the writing would be like this.......neither the title, nor the cover gave away the quality of writing, the degree of suspense and the delicious sensuality. What a fantastic surprise!! 

Genevieve is delightful......a determined business owner, but on a personal level a bit of a flustered cupcake. She thinks too much.......until her brain hits the brakes and her mouth runs off....and then there is no stopping her. Bighearted and stubborn, but with a bit of a devious streak......I love her!
Dominic....good grief.....I don't know what to say, except: gimme, gimme, gimme.... And will someone please tell me, do Alpha men like this actually exist and if so, where are they hiding???? 
The chemistry is scorching without being crass......and very fun to read.

I am going to buy the next book in the series, I am sooooo hooked!

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