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To Be Released: June 24, 2013, Entangled: Suspense

When Leah lost her mother at the age of five, it was her uncle Richard who took her under his wing. Then six years later, he disappeared without a trace, leaving everything he owned behind.
Now twenty years later, Leah, a private investigator, receives a letter claiming Richard was murdered, and she sets out to find out for once and for all, what happened to Richard.

Gabe is having a hard time processing the loss of his family two years ago, but he is Leah's best friend and knew Richard as well, so she asks him for help. Gabe can't betray a pact he entered so long ago, and he can't handle the pain of guilt that being close to Leah causes, and he declines. But when Leah forges ahead with the investigation and an unexpected clue turns up at a crime scene, Gabe knows there is more going on than Leah understands and becomes worried that she might get hurt and joins forces with her. 

When Leah's life is threatened and the secret that was kept for all these years becomes unraveled, Gabe knows one thing for sure. If he were to lose Leah as well, it would surely destroy him.....

This was a good book. 

In the first few chapters it dragged a little, but then it picked up and snagged me right in. The plot is great and well fleshed out and the characters are nicely developed, although I never managed to feel personally engaged with them. There was definitely suspense and a few parts got a bit steamy. I found the book to be very descriptive, but beautifully written.

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