Thursday, June 13, 2013

FORGOTTEN SINS by Rebecca Zanetti

(Sin Brothers #1)
by Rebecca Zanetti
ARC Review
Published: July 2, 2013, Forever

My rating:  5 of 5 ⭐️

Josie Dean could not believe it. Two years after disappearing on her, without explanation or goodbye, Josie is once again face to face with her husband, Shane Dean, in a hospital room. Apparently, he cannot remember a thing......not who she is, or where he has been, what he has done or why he left her 2 years before. Josie wants to be angry at him, but Shane was found by police at a crime scene, badly beaten and police had used his identification to track her down. Someone has to take care of least for now.

Their marriage had been whirlwind and lasted only 2 months before Shane had taken off. This was right after he had received some bad news about his family........Josie had not even been aware he had any family. He never discussed any of his past with her and so she had assumed he had no one, like her, but suddenly he was talking about brothers. Next thing she knows he was gone. Josie has just now started to come up for air and here he was, somehow back in her life.

Shane has an immediate reaction to the woman who is supposed to be his wife. He doesn't remember her, but his body sure seems to. He is very aware of his's strength, and some of his senses seem overdeveloped, abnormally so, but he can't remember if that was always so or if that is something new. He hopes Josie can help him retrieve some of his memories and he stays with her. 

They discover that the attack on Shane was not random, in fact, he seems to have attracted attention to Josie as well and now is struggling to try and keep her safe. Josie does not cooperate easily, she doesn't even know if she can trust him. And Shane doesn't know who his enemy or enemies are, but he knows they must be tied to his past somehow. He is determined to jog his memories and above all, protect any cost!!


Oh my!!! What a fun read this was!!!

Girl Power! Go Josie.....she is not JUST a soft and pretty place to land....oh no, the lady has some moves of her own and no matter how hard her man fights to protect her, she will fight harder to prove she can do some protecting of her own! Lovin' it!

All hard, cynical, chest beating Shane, with the softest of cores when it comes to his woman or his brothers, but don't say it out loud! Josie's was the first soft touch he ever felt and the only one he cares for. Without the soft centre, his hard walls would collapse. Yummmmmm!

Exceptionally enjoyable!!!!

This is the first of a new series for Rebecca Zanetti. Be sure to check her website or my blog for the next instalment.  Indiebound Bookish Barnes&Noble

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