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MINE TO TAKE by Cynthia Eden

MINE TO TAKE by Cynthia Eden
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Published: June 12, 2013, Cynthia Eden

Skye and Trace share a difficult childhood history where their paths crossed in foster care, but life took each of them on separate roads to success and away from each other.

After a horrendous car accident ends Skye's dancing career prematurely, she is trying to rebuild her life and open a dance studio. But it appears the stalker who had been watching her before her accident, has stepped up his actions and now seems to be able to gain entry into her apartment somehow. Even after Skye moves to Chicago, her stalker seems to be able to find her and since the police can not find any evidence, there is nothing they can do. Skye has only one person left to turn to, and she hasn't seen him in ten long years, since he showed her the door!

Trace cannot believe Skye is standing in the lobby of his security firm. All these years of dreaming of her are coming back to him, and now she is here. Se needs his help and his protective instincts immediately take over......nothing and nobody will harm her, Trace will make sure of that.

It is immediately clear that the passion between them has never dimmed over the years, but there is so much that needs to be cleared up before either one can feel safe to open up once again. And then there is the matter of Skye's stalker, who is becoming more and more aggressive and people are getting hurt. Who is carrying this obsession??

WOW, for a novella, it sure holds enough story for a full sized novel, without feeling anything was missed!!

I absolutely ate up this hooked me right from the start. The story was concise, but not hurried in any way, just precisely and well measured out. The psychological tension was super literally had me going back and forth until the last possible moment to figure out who the culprit was, and everyone at one point or another was on my 'suspect-list'. The sexual heat and chemistry were most definitely palpable......phew!!!

A delectable little treat with a substantial kick!!!!

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