Wednesday, June 26, 2013

HOW TO LOVE (San Amaro Singles) by Kelly Jamieson

HOW TO LOVE (San Amaro Singles) by Kelly Jamieson
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Published: June 25, 2013, Samhain Publishing, Ltd

A photographer with her own small gallery and studio, Jules has found her standard work has gotten a little stale. Her photography sells, but the few nudes she has done are flying off the walls. The problem is finding willing models willing to volunteer their time, since she doesn't have money to pay them.

When Jules bumps into her neighbour, Mike, the first thing she thinks of is getting him in front of the camera.......naked. Mike, a bit apprehensive to say the least, visits her gallery to check out her work and is surprised by the intense response he has to the images. They are quite beautiful and convey a depth of emotion that he would not have immediately attributed to his flirtatious new neighbour, and he eventually concedes to modelling for Jules.

Mike and Carlos are partners in business and in life. They love each other, but miss a woman in their relationship. So far they haven't been very successful at any attempts at a serious ménage relationship.
When both men find themselves attracted to Jules, they decide to approach things carefully. 

Jules doesn't commit, she enjoys sex and she won't turn down a three-some, but she just doesn't do relationships. Now a ménage with two men who apparently are in a committed relationship already, should be safe enough for her, so she jumps right in. She even manages to have both men model for the camera in a beautiful sequence of loving images.
But when family gets involved, emotions are being brought up, and feelings are getting hurt, Jules gets out of there as fast as she can! She never meant for that to happen.....

Now Mike and Carlos are left hurt, confused and at odds and not sure whether there is anything they can salvage........


Box of tissues!!!!!

Jules, darling, so repressed.......for all of her outward sexuality and openness, she is emotionally stunted. And the beauty is, the boys can see through her layers of bravado and attempts at sexual manipulation and call her on it and they scare her, because they see too much of her. Mike is the gentle analyst, and Carlos is the challenger, and each in their own way try to get Jules to face her issues head on. With these two men, just one won't do absolutely need both.......for the perfect balance!!!!

I'm still sitting here, about an hour after I finished reading the book, a little stunned, thinking......sighing.

Most beautiful ménage story, in all its complexity......

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  1. I completely agree...well said! Such an amazing story!