Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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Published: May 2013, Season Publishing

They had been best buddies since they were young.......all three of them; Melina and the twins, Max and Rhys.
Melina was smart and fun loving with a secret crush on Rhys, Max was the exuberant one, always joking and flirting, and Rhys was quiet and studious with more than just a friendly eye for Melina.

Max and Rhys followed in the family's footsteps, and had become quite popular with their magic shows. The handsome twins were certainly never lacking for female attention wherever they toured next. 
Melina, always a tomboy with an interest in bugs, grew up to become an entomologist, had good friends, but her love life left lots to be desired.

Melina was hoping to have a family one day and had a possible prospect in mind, but was told more than once that she was lacking in the bedroom department. So before she could 'ruin' another relationship, she was determined to get some training!
For all these years Max, Rhys and Melina had stayed in touch, but after an incident at Melina's sweet 16th, her contact with Rhys had cooled a little. Max, however, never changed a bit, he was still a good friend and a big flirt and Melina couldn't think of anyone she would trust more than him, to teach her how to please a man. Max would be safe, she wouldn't have to worry about feelings getting in the way, like they would with Rhys.....

Max agrees to help her, but he has his own agenda. He is wanting to right a wrong he was responsible for, many years ago. Rhys is pulled into a switch, he is not even aware of until it is too late. Too late in more than one way......for years he has battled his feelings for Melina and has tried staying out of her way, but after a taste he is lost. And what a taste it was......he never expected Melina to ignite for him like that! Now he has a new challenge on his hands, even if he could have Melina, would they be able to have a future? 

Oh boy....I am a sucker for the frumpy girl who gets the hunk......... Doesn't take Dr. Freud to figure that one out! Melina is soooo cute, intelligent, strong on a cerebral level, but insecure emotionally (hello, half the female population??), but yet so very courageous. I couldn't help but cheer for her.....Yay! for all us 'average' girls out here!
And Rhys.......quiet, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, gorgeous, but with a passion that literally blows you off your feet, once it is unleashed. Oh yeah........do guys like that even exist? ~Sigh~ 

Hot, sweet, steamy read!!! A story of allowing love to open up the mind to possibility. 
Will definitely tune in for Max's story..............Virna DePaul delivers!

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