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THIS MAN CONFESSED: This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas

THIS MAN CONFESSED (This Man Trilogy) by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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To Be Published: July 2, 2013, Forever

Only a few months have gone by, but here they are, back where it all the Manor, but this time for their wedding.

Jesse Ward, owner of the Manor, and former 'player' is more than eager to permanently tie interior designer, Ava O'Shea, to his side. In fact, he does so quite literally!! In the short time they have known each other, Jess and Ava have found in each other something unbelievably unique. So special in fact, that despite significant trust issues, clashing temperaments and often opposing viewpoints, the two cannot manage to be apart for any length of time without imploding.

Even the veil of security that marriage provides, however, does not protect Jesse or Ava from the world around them, both past and present, to attempt to break them apart. Jesse is still overbearing and protective to the point of obsession, which in turn causes Ava to keep things to herself.......things that would have been better shared. Ava continues to be in the dark about large portions of Jesse's past and it becomes clearer that that history may well have something to do with his overprotective tendencies. But as long as they stay close, within reach of each other, touching, it is as if nothing outside of the two of them has any significance.

Inevitably and completely out of their control, the past and the present is starting to catch up. The question now is, will Jesse and Ava be able to withstand the threat on their marriage..........and will they survive???

Absolutely Fantastic!

This was book 3 in the trilogy, and part of me is sad that its over, although I'm thrilled for the resolution.........I'm a BIG fan of clarity!!! Which is probably why "arrggghhhh" came out of my mouth many, many, many times reading about Jesse and Ava. That is how utterly engaged I became with the characters. By the way......I think I love John!!!

I wish I could say more about the book or the characters.....but I can't, for fear I will spoil something for the reader, because it is imperative for you to experience these people for yourselves, without my middle-aged (ahem) perception placed upon you. This is not simply a story............. What I CAN tell you though, is that the sex is really, really excellent.....again and that I now want a "Wall" of my own!!

My hat is off to Jodi Ellen Malpass. I did not think the end of this trilogy could be as good as the beginning or the middle...... Boy, was I wrong (ish)!!!


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