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Published: May 2013

Nina has worked hard with one single focus......opening her own bake-shop. Wanting to always be self-sufficient and independent, she is determined not to be distracted by anything......or anyone.

Bobby is a career marine, and he loves it. He has never seen himself as anything else. 

When Bobby meets Nina in a bar, she is there with her best friend, Ashley, celebrating the upcoming opening of Sweet Sensations, their bake shop. They have an instant attraction and hook up for the night. That is all Nina has time, or energy, for. Neither ready for any kind of relationship, they agree to get together for sex whenever Bobby is back home from deployments.

Neither Nina, nor Bobby ever seem to tire of the other, but after three years, Bobby makes a move to enter into an actual relationship. This does not sit well with Nina, she wants to keep things as they are. Growing up in a military family, she has experienced up close and personal, what it means to be the one left behind to wait. Bobby is not one to give up that easy and aims to win her over, but in doing so, discovers a few things about his own directions for the future.

I really enjoyed this book! What I thought was going to be a fun, slightly superficial romp, turned into a lot more under the surface. Kudos to Kerry Connor. Both characters seem to be on a pretty steady and focused self-directed path, but in their involvement with each other, become more insightful in themselves and deeper as characters. The entire cast of secondary characters forms a great support and touch stone for the story.
Not schmaltzy!! .......that's a good thing in my book!......but sweet at times and a very sensual read! Up there on the hot scales, starting in the prologue, so be warned! 

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