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FIRE INSIDE: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley

FIRE INSIDE: A Chaos Novel by Kristen Ashley
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Published: June 4, 2013, Forever

For the last seven years, Lanie Heron has been merely existing..... A product of a what appears to be a privileged upbringing, the stylish beauty has made herself at home among the rowdy crowd of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. They rescued her, after her late fiancé got her shot and himself killed by the Russian mob all those years ago. But although Lanie puts on a good front, she has not been able to let go of the past......not of any of it!

Hopper Kincaid, or "Hop", was one of the Chaos brothers there to pull Lanie out of that mess......and has been a constant in and around the Chaos compound. He hasn't been blind......he has noticed Lanie, but she is just about a world removed from the 'biker bunny' regulars he satisfies himself with when the need arises. He has his his own share of drama with his ex, but that union resulted in two beautiful kids and he cannot regret them.....they mean the world.

Then one day, at the hog roast, blunt as can be, Lanie walks up to Hop and and asks for one night of sex, no regrets, no expectations, no ties, no follow ups, no complications. She wants to get back in the's been too long. Hop has his doubts as to whether this would be such a good idea, given that her best friend Tyra is the MC president, Tack's old lady. But Lanie insists that no one needs or should know about this one night. Hop can't resist.

Who said there wouldn't be complications............. One night is not cutting it for Hop and although Lanier is doing her best to cut things off, her heart says otherwise. She struggles though.......she insists on keeping any association with Hop a secret and has herself wrapped so tight in recriminations and guilt, that she throws roadblocks up whenever she is given a chance. Hop has a few hang-ups of his own to deal with, so the road is say the least.

FANTASTIC!!!! Not that I had any doubt, but let me tell you......  FIRE INSIDE : A Chaos Novel, is as good as a Kristen Ashley book gets. The wait was worth it and I LOVED it.

Hop and Lanie's story illustrates that if you meet, when you have already lived a good chunk of life, you had better unpack all the old baggage you carry around and throw out what doesn't fit in your closet anymore, before you move someone else in.
Lanie is a complex combination of spunky, outspoken, elegant and successful exterior with a fragile and haunted centre.
Hop is, of course, a badass, hot, dominant biker who knows loyalty to his brothers and his way around a woman's body. But he is also a devoted father to his two kids and has some demons of his own that make him vulnerable.
The contrast and the chemistry between the two main characters grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go. Kristen Ashley characters are never just what you see.....there are always layers and grey areas, and that's what makes them so likeable and real. Same goes for Hop and Lanie, both entirely loveable and sympathetic...........and they burn up the sheets!!!!

The book is the second in the CHAOS Series that centres around the Chaos Motorcycle Club and its members. The first book, OWN THE WIND, was released in early April, 2013. The entire series is a spinoff from one of  Kristen Ashley's Dream Man Series, in which Tack and Tyra's story is told,  MOTORCYCLE MAN.
A lot of Kristen's books are loosely connected......not that you necessarily have to read them all, but some of her characters make it from one book into another, and even from one series into another.

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