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IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Shalvis

IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Shalvis
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Published:  May 2013, Grand Central Publishing

She thought she had finally turned her life around, found a wonderful new community, great job and a boyfriend who seemed perfect. For Ali Winters, Lucky Harbor held all the promise of a bright future......that is until her boyfriend turned out to be a lying scumbag, she loses the roof over her head, is accused of stealing money from a fundraiser and to top it off it looks like she is losing her job as well.....all within a couple of days' time.

With his self-confidence seriously banged up after one of his high profile cases goes south, detective Luke Hanover comes back to Lucky Harbor after having been away for ten years. He is hoping to find some peace and quiet, but instead finds a half-naked beauty in the kitchen of his grandmother's house. Taking her for a trespasser at first, he soon discovers that Ali is the last renter's live-in ex-girlfriend, and apparently no one informed her the lease was up.

It's in Luke's nature to want to solve people's problems and although he sees that getting involved with Ali in any way would be dangerous, he can't stop himself, he has to help her out. Ali is not accustomed to having others doing things for her.....that is usually her job and besides, Luke won't be staying for ever, he is just here for a short visit, so she doesn't want to start depending on him for anything. It's difficult enough that she can't seem to control her body's responses whenever she is around him!!

The hot chemistry between them is too strong to continue resisting, but they know whatever this is, it will be long as they can keep their feelings out of it!!

Delicious fun!!!! 

The village of Lucky Harbor is filled with characters I would love as my neighbours (well, most of them). Quaint, quirky, neighbourly with an old-fashioned sense of community you just want to be a part of. 
The main characters are so likeable, so doesn't take long to fall for them and their individual stories. The fact that they generate enough heat together to melt steel, doesn't hurt either!!! This book was a blast!

There is something so effortless and addictive about reading a Jill Shalvis book, it makes you want to dive right into the next one, and the next one after that.....without coming up for air!!

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